01 - Facial Lifting With Dermastir Hydrotoner ADVERTORIAL AFT001AL

02 - Facial Treatment With Post-Filler ADVERTORIAL AFT002AL

03 - Whitening Peeling Treatment With Kojic Acid ADVERTORIAL AFT003AL

04 - Ultrasound Facial Lifting With Dermastir OXY ADVERTORIAL AFT004AL

05 - Skin Microdermabrasion With Micro Crystals ADVERTORIAL AFT005AL

06 - Facial Cleansing With Vapozone UV System ADVERTORIAL AFT006AL

07 - Anti-Wrinkle Treatment With Dermastir Collagen Filler ADVERTORIAL AFT007AL

08 - Micro Needling Treatment With Dermastir Serums ADVERTORIAL AFT008AL

09 - Dermastir Anti-Aging Cocktail For Mature Skin ADVERTORIAL AFT009AL

10 - Anti-Redness Treatment With Dermastir Elettra ADVERTORIAL AFT010AL

11 - Dermastir 24-Carat Gold Facial Treatment ADVERTORIAL AFT011AL

12 - Dermastir Facial Treatment With Real Diamonds ADVERTORIAL AFT012AL

13 - Extreme Facial Luxury With Caviar Serums ADVERTORIAL AFT013AL




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