Vitamin E in glass skincare ampoules


Vitamin E is such an important vitamin; yet so difficult to find in a pharmacy isolated in its pure form, as in the case of Dermastir glass skincare ampoules.  Dermastir Vitamin E ampoules contain pure concentrate of Vitamin E.

Environmental pollution, diet, lifestyle, stress and frequent travelling can all wreak havoc on the skin.  Radiant complexions dull, dry, red patches appear, spots and blackheads rear their ugly heads.  Air pollution and ozone can rob the skin of Vitamin E, causing a variety of skin problems. Vitamin E, when applied at night, provides a barrier to protect the skin the following day.

What is Vitamin E?

Vitamin E is well known not only for its antioxidant capabilities but also for creating a protective barrier on the skin. Antioxidants protect vital cell structures by neutralizing molecules called “free radicals”. Free radicals are unstable molecules produced from sources like air pollution, radiation, and peroxides. Free radical damage can occur throughout the body’s several systems and ultimately lead to many diseases.

What does Vitamin E do?

Topical vitamin E has been shown to have a wide variety of skin benefits. Most importantly, Vitamin E is vital for the overall health and aesthetic beauty of the skin. Many studies have shown that vitamin E can help decrease the incidence of skin disorders and has been shown to help reduce the appearance of wrinkles on the skin.

Dermastir Vitamin E skincare ampoules, by Alta Care Laboratoires, Paris, should be applied to the face preferably at night for the above mentioned benefits.  Since the Dermastir Vitamin E ampoule is a concentrate it may be applied only once every three days since the ingredients remain present and active in the skin for up to 3 days. When your skin is exposed to the sun for long periods of time during the day it is advisable to apply vitamin E ampoules at night daily, because not only does it help to form a barrier for the next day, but it also has excellent repairing properties. If you are working or living in a polluted area, it is highly recommended to use Dermastir Vitamin E daily.

Dermastir Vitamin E ampoules are made in France and are available in pharmacies




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