Lack of fibers, one of the main underlying causes of constipation, is a very common problem, mainly due to the excessive amounts of processed and junk foods eaten by today’s society.  Eating a nutritious, varied and well-balanced diet is the key to healthy bowel movements.  Unfortunately, in today’s fast paced world, people do not have ample time to prepare the recommended amount of freshly cooked vegetables and fruit. This leads to a lack of fibre in the diet, causing constipation and bloated stomachs.

Alta Care Laboratoires, Paris has just launched an innovative over-the-counter food supplement for people who do not have the time to cook or prepare their fruits and vegetables on a daily basis, for people who tend to opt for processed junk foods, and also for those who do not like the taste of fruit and vegetables.  In one simple sentence – people who do not consume enough fibre, and do not follow a healthy eating regime.

Altadrine Fruit & Vegetable tablets are food supplements with fruit & vegetables in a fibre base that completes a varied and well-balanced diet.  Altadrine Fruit & Vegetable tablets contain 6 types of fruits and 6 types of vegetables which guarantee a complete contribution of essential nutritive elements.
The green tablet, which is the vegetable tablet, contains concentrates of carrot, spinach, spiruline, broccoli, tomato and beetroot.  The orange tablet, the fruit tablet, contains concentrates of grapefruit, pineapple, prickly pear, orange, blueberry and papaya.

Is ALTADRINE FRUIT & VEGETABLE as good as the real thing??
Yes! Water is extracted from fruit & vegetable without ever using heat, thereby preserving the antioxidants, enzymes, fibres, vitamins and minerals – the good stuff that is so hard to get in our normal diets.  Altadrine Fruit & Vegetable tablets are made up of just fruit and vegetables grown in pristine conditions, tested and harvested at their peak nutritional value.

Altadrine Fruit & Vegetable contains no additives, fillers, added salts or sugars.  One box contains 40 tablets, 20 green vegetable tablets and 20 orange fruit tablets.

One should take one orange fruit tablet in the morning and one green vegetable tablet in the evening.  The recommended dose provides the antioxidant equivalent of 8 fruit and vegetables daily.




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