Alta Care Laboratoires - Paris describes means to boost your health and well being by giving your body a much-needed spring clean!

Cleaning ourselves does not only refer to the outer visible area of our body but also inside. Many of us take up a lot of time worrying about their external appearance not taking into consideration how extremely vital internal cleansing is for our overall ‘outer shell’ and general wellbeing. Such inner purification could also be referred to as detoxification. This will not only help you shed those extra pounds but will also improve the appearance of your skin, eyes, hair and nails.

Taking supplements can help boost your cleansing program and aid the detoxification process. However with the vast range of products on the market one is often puzzled with what is ideal to purchase and consume. Using liquid based supplements as an alternative to tablet form is already a first step towards acquiring higher efficacy products. When the ingredients are in their fresh form they provide a stronger effect since the chemical constituents are not altered during processing, storage and distribution; unlike a tablet, which conversely needs to be dried, processed and compressed, thus loosing much of its valuable properties. Such liquid based products would be either in syrup or ampoule form.

Natural ingredients are always favorable and a supplement of the alghae ‘Fucus Vesiculosus’ is a good promoter of glandular health. One of the functions of the thyroid gland is to regulate the metabolism. ‘Fucus Vesiculosus’ helps speeding up the burning process of excess calories. ‘Metacolin’ which is extracted from green tea, is rich in caffeine and catecolin, and studies show that it stimulates the conversion of fat into energy by thermogenisis and oxidation of the fat.

‘Synephrine’, which is extracted from ‘Citrus Aurantium’, is a related cousin of ephedrine and according to its patient information it does not act in the body as a stimulant. Synephrine provides the same fat burning and muscle sparing as ephedrine but without any stimulant like side effects.

A supplement with draining and anti-swelling properties is vital to improve the drainage of fats and decrease the bloating effect often caused by water retention. In turn this would aid at eliminating cellulite and the ‘outer appearance’ of the orange peel skin. A product containing ‘Red Vine’ extracts is an example of a supplement that would give an antioxidant effect and also strengthen and stabilize the collagen of tissues and capillaries.

ALTA CARE Laboratoires - Paris have just launched on the market the Altadrine range of liquid based supplements that come in ampoule and syrup form and contain the above mentioned beneficial phyto-extracts. The Altadrine Day and Altadrine Night burning ampoules contain fresh ingredients which burn the fat of the body whilst giving an energy source.
Altadrine Day burning ampoules, apart from their effect on the elimination of fat, act also on the drainage and anti-swelling. Whereas the  Altadrine Night burning ampoules also control appetite and cravings, striking before going to bed, and improve digestion of food during the night.

Altadrine Lipodrainer is a tanning supplement that helps decrease the cutaneous “orange peel” caused by cellulite. ALTA CARE’s Altadrine Lipodrainer has moisturizing action and fresh patented active ingredients that are specific for difficult areas affected by the “orange peel” look. During weight loss the body tends to loose its glow and colour thus the tanning properties found in Altadrine Lipodrainer do not let this drawback happen.

So clean yourself from the inside with Altadrine Lipodrainer Syrup and Altadrine Day and Altadrine Night burning ampoules.




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