Essential oils are readily available from pharmacies or health food shops.  Although readily available, the quality of essential oils from one brand to another can vary drastically whether you buy them locally or not.
Poor quality oils (oils that have been distilled from poor crops, have been handled improperly, are old, etc.) or adulterated oils (oils that have chemicals or other oils added to them) lack the therapeutic benefit of good quality oils. Moreover, essential oils that have been adulterated can cause harmful side effects, or at best provide only minimal therapeutic benefit.
Below are tips that can help you select a brand of pure, high quality essential oils:

• Watch out for words such as “fragrance oil,” “nature identical oil,” or “perfume oil.” These words indicate that what you see is not a pure, single essential oil. Many brands label fragrance oils (that can be combinations of essential oils and chemicals or just plain chemicals) and perfume oils as “aromatherapy”.
Dermastir Essential Oils by Alta Care Laboratoires – Paris are 100% pure.
• Avoid oils that are sold in clear glass bottles as the clear glass can allow light to damage the essential oils. Instead, buy oils that are stored in amber (brown) or other dark colored glass bottles. Some vendors sell oils in aluminum bottles. Aluminum is said to be acceptable if the inside of the bottle is lined.
• Avoid buying essential oils in plastic bottles as the essential oil can dissolve the plastic. In turn, the dissolved plastic will contaminate the oil.
Dermastir Essential Oils by Alta Care Laboratoires – Paris are stored in dark brown glass bottles to ensure that the essential oils remain highly active and that no risk of contamination is involved.
• Avoid buying essential oils that have a rubber eyedropper bulb in the top because the oil can dissolve the rubber dropper and become contaminated.
Dermastir Essential Oils by Alta Care Laboratoires – Paris come with a dropper that is inserted inside the bottle that has been tested for contamination and resulted clear.
• The country of origin for oils is also important because the climate and soil conditions can affect the resulting properties of the oil.
Dermastir Essential Oils by Alta Care Laboratoires – Paris originate from France.
• Organic oils are superior to non-organic oils.
Dermastir Essential Oils by Alta Care Laboratoires – Paris are 100% organic.

Essential oils are highly potent and have many beneficial effects, provided the quality of the essential oil is very good.  ALTA CARE Laboratoires – Paris, has invested a great deal of time, dedication and funds to guarantee that the quality of DERMASTIR Essential Oils is the highest possible available.




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