Valentine’s Day is longest day of the year for love; the day when the light of love enters many people’s lives. This light of love has to remain for as long as possible; so getting to know your partner’s body by using essential oils can also help to increase warmth.  

Of the elements (earth fire, water, air), fire predominates in all relationships. It constitutes our emotional care. Considered the home of the heart and mind, it is the principal source of sensitive awareness, and the root of emotions of joy and love!

There are many commonly used essential oils that are of potential benefit for relating to others. While the emphasis is on oils that help relationships of a romantic nature, these essential oils can help in all relationships. Here are six of the most renowned aromatics for enhancing joy and love:

Dermastir Ylang Ylang essential oil, besides being an aphrodisiac, also has euphoric properties closely intertwined.  Its flowers are strewn on the beds of Indonesian newlyweds.

Dermastir Lemon essential oil is another sexual tonic. It may be used by those whose work involves a high degree of pressure and mental strain; it will help a person to relax during intimate moments. The scent is musky and earthy.

Dermastir Sandalwood essential oil – like Dermastir Blue Chamomile essential, more earth than fire - enhances a desire for intimacy. It is ideal for those who are afraid of losing their self-identity.

Dermastir Ginger oil is also a sexual tonic; yet entirely different from Blue Chamomile or Ylang Ylang. While these sweet floral essences encourage us to relax, Ginger is spicy, hot, and invigorating.

Dermastir Aniseed essential oil and Dermastir Fennel essential oil also warms the kidneys, promoting both vigour and self-assurance. Although it is not a sexual tonic, it benefits those who due to worry and self-absorption, cut themselves off emotionally.

Dermastir essential oils are all made in France by ALTA CARE Laboratoires and can be combined with the luxury Dermastir cosmetic ampoules to massage your loved one. Dermastir essential oils are not to be put over a flame since they are not essential oils of fragrance.




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