Get out of your own way to lose weight

You try every diet, exercise trend and gimmick in the book. You even drop a few pounds... only to find them slowly creeping back on. So you try harder. You diet more vigorously, but somehow the weight keeps finding its way back to your hips, thighs and waist. What gives? It could be that your personality is sabotaging your efforts to get thin. Here are five of the most common personality types that tip the calorie scale towards weight gain.
Personality #1: The Couch Potato. You may be cutting back on calories, but you don't move enough to stimulate your metabolism. (Picking up the remote control to change the channel does not count as exercise!) Activity is the only way to achieve calorie deficits. Counting calories and watching your portions are the key to maintaining a healthy weight, but you must also get moving to burn extra calories and shed weight.  Altadrine Fat Burning Tablets, by Alta Care Laboratoires, Paris, burn body fat by converting it into energy.
Personality #2: The Busy Bee. You don't have time for breakfast, lunch comes from the vending machine and you eat dinner in the car on your way home from work. Sounds familiar? Studies show that a healthy, hearty breakfast containing a protein, such as eggs or yogurt; along with a healthy fat, such as nuts or a serving of avocado; plus a carbohydrate, such as fruit or whole grain bread, can fuel your physical and mental energy levels, decrease your stress levels and help stimulate your metabolism.
Personality #3: The Portion Distorter. Often you try to justify eating second and third servings of healthy food because it's good for you. But even nutritious food can cause you to gain weight. Some cereals are high in fiber, but they are also high in calories and processed sugar. Snack or meal replacement bars are culprits because they often weigh in at up to 500 calories. If you snack on high-calorie protein bars, you can easily surpass your calorie needs for the day. Even sweet potatoes, and brown rice and other grains need to be portioned out, though they rank high in fiber and nutrients. The solution: Continue to eat healthy, but be portion-wary! Altadrine Soup, by Alta Care Laboratoires, Paris; is a fibre-based organic, highly nutritious soup that can replace any meal or snack.  When one is taking Altadrine Soup one is benefiting from a range of nutritious substances in a low-calorie food supplement…and Altadrine Soup only takes 2 minutes to prepare!  Simply add 5 tablespoons to a bowl of boiling water and stir; add any desired spices or salt and pepper and enjoy! If you prefer tablets instead of soup, opt for Altadrine fruit and vegetable tablets.

Personality #4: The Closet Junk-a-holic. Do you eat very little nutritious food during the day and binge on junk food in private? Many of us do. It's so easy to bypass the three-square-meals rule and justify small handfuls of candy from co-workers' desks, snacks from vending machines, and nibbles here and there. Many dieters don't believe that picking at food throughout the day can lead to weight gain. But grabbing food on the go, no matter what the size, can pack on pounds and make you even hungrier. By keeping your blood sugar levels stabilized with a balanced diet you'll be able to cut cravings and the desire to binge. If you must snack during the day, try air-popped popcorn (jazz it up with flavored sprays), nuts, high fiber cereal or dried fruit, frozen berries, grapes or bananas, small pieces of dark chocolate or fat-free puddings. Eat decadent treats only on special occasions.  Altadrine Day & Night Burner Ampoules are an ideal weight management supplement with many different actions – fat burning, draining, metabolism boosting and appetite controlling! Altadrine syrup also has a fat burning and draining effect.
Personality #5: The Takeout Queen. You probably know that most takeout is high in trans fats, saturated fats, sodium and added white sugar, with mega-sized portions and extra condiments adding to the calorie burden. So if you don't like to cook, you need to set some ground rules. When ordering Chinese, ask for a steamed dish with vegetables and sauces on the side. Healthy Mexican options include grilled chicken, beans and rice, and grilled vegetables. You can add salsa to your dish, as long as you nix the fried chips and refried beans. When ordering Italian food, choose pasta with red sauce and use vegetables as your primary topping. Cheese, grilled chicken or shrimp should be served on the side. If you're having pizza, be sure to blot it several times and add vegetable toppings to cut down on high-fat cheese.  If all else fails opt for Altadrine Fruit & Vegetable Tablets by Alta Care Laboratoires, Paris.  The high fibre content in these tablets makes Altadrine Fruit & Vegetable Tablets act as a potent fat blocker, helping you control that fat intake!




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