Good nutritional health should begin at the youngest stage of life and last for a lifetime!!!
Are supplements important for children? Should children use supplements? How much of a certain vitamin should a child be given? It is well known that children do not like vegetables, which are known to be rich in vitamins, supplements and minerals. An ancient Greek definition even says of children: ”short humans who don’t like vegetables”. Does this mean children need supplements daily? These are all important questions that parents often seek answers to. Alta Care Laboratoires will shed some light on this topic. 

Vitamins are, by definition, substances we need for our body to function normally. This rules for adults but surely for children as well. So yes, children most definitely need, beside a healthy balanced diet, nutritional supplements since children unlike adults are constantly growing.
Unfortunately, not many of us eat a balanced diet on a regular basis, if at all; nor do many of us give our children a daily balanced diet either. The stresses of modern living have made sure we are not home long enough or have enough time to prepare regularly balanced meals for ourselves and our children. Indeed, more people are eating out most times. Now, this is a serious problem for us as adults, but is even more serious for children still growing. When was the last time you saw a healthy fast food chain? It doesn't take a genius to get a feeling that fast food is extraordinarily damaging to one's health.

We are not self-sufficient, vitamins cannot be made in sufficient amounts by the body, and must be taken in from the environment like vitamin D that is made by the body in response to sunlight exposure (15 minutes a week is all that is needed). Other vitamins occur naturally in many foods or are available as a nutritional supplement.
Children are often picky about their foods. Getting children to eat well-balanced meals is a challenge. Your intentions are right, but they are undermined by a world heavy with junk food choices. Children will need supplemental multivitamins in particular. As they children grow, their tastes change over time and usually then start to eat a more balanced diet. You should give children vitamins during these years to ensure they are well nourished and are getting the nutrients they need to ensure normal growth and development.
So to get your children on the road to becoming strong healthy adults, Alta Care Laboratoires has developed Candi-B ampoules and syrups. Candi-B is one of Alta Care Laboratoires’ 18 product ranges.  Candi B is full of apple concentrate, vitamin B and nutrients with a pleasant taste.
At Alta Care Laboratoires researchers know how picky children can be when it comes to food; that’s why each product from the Candi-B range has a delicious apple flavour. An apple a day keeps the doctor away.




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