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Stress is an epidemic of plague-like proportions. It affects people from all walks of life. Stress can come from family, friends, workplace concerns, or personal frustrations. It can lead to worry, panic, anger, and resentment. If stress is decreasing your enjoyment of life, it's time to take action.
Stress can be acute (covering a short period time) or chronic (covering long periods of time). Coping with acute stress-related anxiety doesn't require expensive prescription medications.  In addition, when it comes to stress and anxiety related problems, although one might feel under pressure and unable to concentrate and live to the full, in most cases doctors won’t prescribe anti-depressants unless the patient is chronically depressed.  And why take anti-depressants if there are other solutions?
Controller Patches, by Alta Care Laboratoires – Paris,  is an over the counter transdermal patch that provides a safe and effective way to get the substances your body needs to manage the negative physical, emotional, and mental effects of acute stress, acute anxiety, and depression.
Controller Patches contain an innovative blend of St. John’s Wort, Passion Herb extract, Kava Kava, and Vitexin & Quercetina. Controller Patches have these ingredients mixed in a blend of essential oils renowned for their calming and anti-depressive qualities.  Users of Controller Patches report increased energy levels, a renewed sense of focus, and a more positive mental outlook.
Who can benefit from Controller Patches?  Anyone!  Controller Patch is in fact even indicated in acute cases of anxiety during exams or overwork.  Controller Patch may be used by just about anyone who is feeling worried or stressed in various day-to-day cases: exams, weddings, relationship problems, financial problems, problems at work etc.  Controller Patches may even be used in combination with SSRIs since they are supplements. Controller patches are not indicated for cases of chronic stress or depression and in no case should the patches be used to substitute anti-depressant medication.  
Being all natural, Controller Patches have no known side-effects. The main advantage is that they won't cause drowsiness or interact with most commonly prescription medications.  One Controller Patch is to be stuck to the shoulder blade for 24-36 hours, ideally one patch a day, changed everyday.




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