Cardiosteroil launched with Omega 3, Omega 6, Omega 9 and shark liver oil.

The importance of not only taking Omega 3 to protect the cardiovascular system is emphasized by Alta Care Laboratoires in the launch of Cardiosteroil which does not only contain Omega 3 but also the right concentrations and ratios of Omega 6 and Omega 9. Studies show that in cases of atherosclerosis and high levels of cholesterol it is important to supplement oneself with Omega 3-6-9 instead of just Omega 3. Alta Care Laboratoires presents the Omega 3-6-9 in Cardiosteroil complimented by a luxurious shark liver oil. The shark liver oil stimulates the immunodulatory system and is mainly used by people who can afford it.   

Cardiosteroil omega softgels is a supplement that is meant to be taken by everyone to protect the cardiovascular system whilst also stimulating the immunodulatory system.








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