Two thirds of the smokers wish to cease smoking because it is well known that the effects of tobacco can be reversed. Tobacco weaning is a real detoxification, in other words a rebirth.


But willing to stop smoking is comparable to slimming? Yes that's right slimming! The life of a smoker is like one of an obese person, both going through many and diversified attempts unachieved leading to spectacular falls. Stopping tobacco suddenly is stopping smoking from one day to another. It's so difficult!


The organism obeys to subtle metabolic mechanisms that cannot be short-circuited without creating damage. The failure of severe diets and tobacco weaning are due to the same reasons, the absence of a method that makes sense. Absolutely, stopping smoking, in some cases just like slimming needs a method.


Nicosolven Aromapatches halves the amount of cigarettes that you smoke in no time. Alta Care Laboratoires have worked on an aromatherapy method, and this "Nicosolven Aromapatch method" has been proven to be a success. This is based on a smooth and progressive decrease of cigarettes smoked per day. It is a natural product containing absolutely no nicotine (not like in nicotine patches or nicotine chewing gum) but essential oils that are released from a patch.


The aromatherapy will help you feel less the need of smoking and decrease the number of cigarettes that you smoke daily. Nicosolven Aromapatch also helps smokers in the many places where it is now forbidden to smoke.


The Nicosolven Aromapatch is an efficient weapon to reinforce the will of not smoking, because after all, the will is a very important factor. Stopping smoking is like becoming active while smoking is having a passive behaviour headed towards easiness and dependence.


Thanks to the Nicosolven Aromapatch method, many people have managed to become non-smokers!!! One Nicosolven Aromapatch patch is to be stuck daily on the inside of your clothing as close as possible to your mouth. Nicosolven Aromapatch is found in all pharmacies and you can be further directed by your doctor or pharmacist.




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