While rather benign, this health condition affects about 15% of all adults worldwide. Most people recognize varicose veins because of their knotted, twisted, swollen and often bluish veins. In addition to any cosmetic concerns they may pose, these veins can cause discomfort in the form of dull nagging aches and pains, night cramps, ankle swelling, feelings of burning or leg fatigue after prolonged standing.

Recommendations for Wellness
1. Avoid standing for prolonged periods of time. If this is unavoidable, move your legs often. Stretching and flexing your ankle will work to pump the blood out of your legs and get it circulating again.

2. If you find yourself sitting for extended periods of time, get up and move around every 35 to 45 minutes.

3. Take regular walks to help exercise the muscles of the legs and increase blood flow.

4. Avoid clothing that may restrict blood flow.

5. Keep your weight in control. This can help to reduce pressure on your legs. The Altadrine weight control range by Alta Care Laboratoires is highly recommended since it has active fat burning ingredients.

6. To help prevent leg and ankle swelling, reduce your salt intake. Venalta Presso aesthetic treatment by Alta Care Laboratoires is indicated for lymph drainage.

7. Elevate your legs whenever possible especially when sitting.

8. Topically, Dermastir witch hazel, Dermastir elastin or Dermastir collagen can be applied to the legs to ease discomfort. Dermastir Serum cosmetic ampoules by Alta Care are glass ampoules containing pure concentrate and may be applied manually or aesthetically using ultrasound with Venalta System Treatment, also by Alta Care.

9. Butcher's broom has historically been used when dealing with circulatory ailments such as varicose veins. Butcher's Broom is present in all the Venalta Range.

10. Bioflavonoids can help this condition by reducing blood clotting tendencies, promoting healing and helping to strengthen the blood vessels. The Venalta Range is rich in bioflavonoids.




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