Dermastir Sun Protection has UV filters and ingredients that have the luxury of being protected from the main factors that may reduce the activity of the ingredients by its exclusive packaging. Thus protection from:







OXYGEN oxidizes active ingredients and UV filters. The UV filters and the ingredients in Dermastir are protected from oxygen by the airless packaging and so the ingredients do not risk oxidation. The active ingredients and the UV filters in the Dermastir packaging are never in contact with oxygen.


HEAT thermally breaks down active ingredients and UV filters. Dermastir Sun Protection SPF50+ packaging consists of 3 jars nested into 1, creating a "thermos effect" because of the insulation between one jar and the other. This thermally protects the ingredients and the UV filters from heat. This Dermastir vacuum flask technology is very important since in summer the heat is on; this means that sun-protections stored in tubes become unstable when left in the heat. There is always a peak in sales of sun protection before and during the summer months, although sun protections should be applied all the year round, especially in the countries that are close to the equator.


LIGHT reduces the activity of ingredients and UV filters. The inner jar is metallic coated to reflect infrared rays; thus, apart from protecting the ingredients from the heat, the jar also protects the ingredients from light. This is very important  since many sun-protections are not photostable and the cream ends up turning yellow after being opened often.


BACTERIA contaminates the active ingredients and UV filters. The pump has an actuator in the middle that, when pressed, delivers the correct amount of ingredient without the need of putting one’s finger in the cream which increases the risk of microbiological contamination.


Dermastir Sun Protection has been launched as a sun-protection SPF50+ and as an SPF30+. Both Dermastir sun-protections are found in the luxury airless thermal packaging described above and are 50ml in volume. The packaging guarantees that when the ingredients and the UV filters are applied onto the skin, results are kept.


Dermastir Sun Protection is being sold in all pharmacies.




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