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Sleep! We spend one third of our life sleeping, or trying to sleep. But the way we spend these crucial hours can vary so much. One may wake up and can’t fall asleep again. Someone else may postpone the moment to go to sleep because he or she  dreads it. Others just lie in the dark waiting for sleep to come. Someone may read a book or watch TV until he or she becomes drowsy. Others don’t sleep at all and hit the snooze button or sleep later in the morning. Many just stay in bed and keep trying. The desperate one takes sleeping pills. But then there are others who do sleep, but on waking up they still do not feel fresh and full of energy enough to face whatever they have to do during the forthcoming day.

CONTROLLER SLEEP CAPSULES or CONTROLLER SLEEP SYRUP of Alta Care Laboratoires, Paris,  are intended for those who want to improve their quality of sleep and not for those who are taking sleeping pills. In summer, because of the heat, some people do not sleep well and the result is they wake up in a bad mood or with low levels of energy. Low levels of energy also occur when sleeping in a noisy environment or in a room full of light. However Controller helps you sleep more deeply than normal. Studies show that if you sleep deeply, you end up waking up with more energy and in an excellent mood.

CONTROLLER SLEEP will help you regain a refreshing sleep without suffering any side-effects. It will improve your quality of sleep and then wake up full of energy. Consequently your mood level will improve too;  eventually so will your performance and quality of life.

CONTROLLER SLEEP will contribute to the rebalancing of your biological rhythms. This formula will help you to fall asleep and maintain a high-quality refreshing rest, without the risk of habituation or dependence.


Both the CONTROLLER SLEEP CAPSULES and the CONTROLLER SLEEP SYRUP are made in France by Alta Care Laboratoires, Paris and the main ingredients are Vitamin B6, L-Tryptophan and Melatonin.
The Controller Natural Capsules has 60 capsules and one is to take from 1 to 2 capsules before going to bed with a glass of water. If one opts for the CONTROLLER Sleep Syrup, one is to take 1 tablespoon or 10 mL before going to bed.




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