The saying by Hippocrates, “Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food,” is still very much valid today and it is applicable to one’s body or physique. When one manages to eat a well balanced and varied diet this is reflected in the hair. Good nutrition is fundamental for hair growth and to have better quality hair.

Good nutrition is bound to give rise to the growth of healthy hair and consequently healthy hair is evidence of good nutrition. Not only does hair need a normal healthy balanced diet but it also may need a supplement that stimulates the hair. The XHALET HAIR STIMULANT range of products, of Alta Care Laboratoires, provides nutrients and the stimulants necessary for the growth of healthy hair. These nutrients and stimulants are a must both for women and men. Xhalet is not only indicated for people suffering from hair loss but also for people who want to strengthen and improve the quality of their hair.

Hair needs supplements that are nothing but super-food; that something extra given to the hair to strengthen both its growth and structure. With XHALET HAIR STIMULANT
• the hair shaft will increase in diameter, thus becoming stronger;
• the rate of hair growth will increase;
• the rate of hair loss will decrease.

Alta Care Laboratoires has tackled the ‘hair’ problem strategically because its XHALET HAIR STIMULANT CAPSULES are meant to tackle the problem from the inside to the outside; while the XHALET HAIR STIMULANT AMPOULES will tackle the problem from the outside to the inside. The capsules contain amino-acids that strengthen the hair while the ampoules can be found in a base of ginseng,  caviar, or royal-jelly, all amino-acids that science has not managed to replicate. Moreover the ingredients within the ampoules are of high quality for they have not been altered, as in the case of other ingredients that have been manufactured or processed.

Hair is therefore a sign of our overall health. XHALET HAIR STIMULANT of Alta Care Laboratoires, will provide your hair with the various nutrients necessary to give your hair the required vitality and healthy appearance.




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