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ELLEGYN INTIMATE WASH of ALTA CARE Laboratoires is an intimate wash very different from other intimate washes being displayed and sold in super-markets, beauty-parlours, spas and even pharmacies. The difference, being a major one, has to be very well understood and taken into consideration by customers and clients who are eager to have a good return and positive results from their purchase. So what is the difference between the Ellegyn intimate wash produced by ALTA CARE Laboratoires and many of the other intimate washes on the market? 

ELLEGYN INTIMATE WASH is a MEDICATED WASH while most of the others are not.
ELLEGYN INTIMATE WASH is a MEDICATED WASH because it has two very important ingredients. These are:

ELLEGYN intimate wash is thus not just a cleanser or a superficial remedy for problems that can be much more serious than they seem to be, but an intimate wash that goes to the root of a problem, which is more often than not a bacterial one or a fungal one. Ellegyn intimate wash, besides being a medicated wash is also soothing and with high moisturizing properties.  

Most of the other intimate washes do not have the combination of anti-bacterial and anti-fungal ingredients. The vast majority of intimate washes presently for sale on the market are just soothing and have only lenitive effect. They have not anti-microbial properties. In other words they are not medicated washes.

So when about to purchase an intimate wash make sure that you ask for a medicated intimate wash. It has to be noted that medicated washes can only be sold in pharmacies. Medicated intimate washes have to be dispensed under the advice of a pharmacist. However, never jump to the conclusion that because an intimate wash is on sale at a pharmacy it is a medicated intimate wash. One should always note the difference between a medicated intimate wash and a wash that just has soothing and lenitive properties. Make sure that you ask your pharmacist for a medicated intimate wash like ELLEGYN INTIMATE WASH.




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