Cardiosteroil with omega 3 6 9 and shark liver oil in a soft gel was the first product launched by Alta Care Laboratoires for optimum cardiovascular health. The clinical results are being observed daily by clients and doctors when they see their cholesterol levels decrease drastically.

The investment done by Alta Care Laboratoires in microencapsulating the oils for better action is being observed and monitored. The omega 3 6 9 are microencapsulated for improved quality and unlike other omegas there is no need to put vitamin E in the formulation to protect the oil from being oxidized. The quality and research on fish oils is constantly increasing and gone are the days of the low quality cod liver oils even though they were beneficial notwithstanding the low quality low levels of EPA and DHA. Alta Care Laboratoires has therefore invested in Cardiosteroil omega 3 6 9 with krill oil.

The astaxanthin found in krill oil has excellent properties in cases of artherosclerosis, and cardiovascular health is significantly improved. The astaxanthin found in Cardiosteroil Krill improves blood fluidity. Artherosclerosis is decreased by the asthaxanthine because of the strong anti-oxidant power. The Cardiosteroil omega 3-6-9 with shark liver oil is recommended as a first line treatment because of the shark liver oil. Only if the decrease of cholesterol levels is not significant is shifting to Cardiosteroil omega 3-6-9 with krill oil indicated. However in some cases some doctors recommend that a client alternates, one month with Cardiosteroil Shark Liver Oil and one month with Cardiosteroil Krill.

Cardiosteroil liquid capsules with Garlic and Co.enzyme Qq10 has been formulated since this combination is extremely important for the well-being of the heart. Co. enzyme Q10 is found in heart cells at concentrations that are more than double the other cells found in other parts of the body. Cardiosteroil Garlic+CoQ10 Liquid Capsules is recommended for patients who may suffer from angina, ischaemia or other heart problems. Cardiosteroil Garlic+CoQ10 can be taken together with the omega 3 6 9 softgels that work mainly on the vascular system.




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