"Men ought to know that from nothing else but the brain come joys, delights, laughter and sports, and sorrows, griefs, despondency, and lamentations. ... And by the same organ we become mad and delirious, and fears and terrors assail us, some by night, and some by day, and dreams and untimely wanderings, and cares that are not suitable, and ignorance of present circumstances, desuetude, and unskilfulness. All these things we endure from the brain, when it is not healthy…" – Hippocrates, Father of Medicine.

The brain is the centre of the nervous system, located in the head, protected by the skull, and close to the primary sensory apparatus of vision, hearing, balancing, smell and taste. Containing roughly 100 billion neurons and linked with 10,000 synaptic connections each, it is extremely complex. Its most important biological function is to generate behaviour. Scientific progress has helped us to understand how neurons and the synaptic connections operate, but much of how the brain works remains a mystery. Yet efforts to safeguard brain health through research are never ending.

Alta Care Laboratoires’s Neuralta Tablets, a product to improve the well-being of the nervous system and re-establish the equilibrium after physical and mental stress, is now being complimented by Neuralta Brainpower Liquid Capsules.

The main properties of Neuralta Brainpower Liquid Capsules are    Phosphatidylcholine (PC) and phosphatidylserine (PS), phospholipids located within the inner leaflet of the cell membrane. PS and PC are implicated in a myriad of membrane-related functions. PS is essential to the functioning of all body cells, but is most needed in the brain. These properties are vital for our cells.

Normally our body can synthesise all the PS it needs. However, in our diet, only animal sources such as brain, kidneys, liver and fatty fish such as mackerel are rich in PS.

As a result, vegetarians consume much less PS. PS was originally manufactured from cow brains, and most studies used this form. However, due to viruses harboured in animal brain cells, this source is no longer available. Today, PS is made from soybeans, or other plants, and is just as effective. Thus, Neuralta® Brain Power Liquid Capsules are made from soybean extract which contains 20% PS.

Clinical studies suggest that PS can support brain functions that tend to decline with age. 17 to 25 studies in humans have shown the following PS benefits:
• Improves age-related memory impairment
• Improves cognitive performance
• Improves mood
• Improves learning abilities
• Has neuroprotective and antioxidative properties

Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), an Omega 3 polyunsaturated fatty acid, is an essential component for human health. DHA is a major building block of cell membranes and can be found in high concentrations in brain and nerve tissue, as well as in the eye retina, and testes. It is crucial for the functioning of embedded proteins such as rhodopsin, and for vision and postsynaptic receptors for neurotransmission. Generally, DHA in phospholipids contributes to membrane properties such as fluidity, flexibility and permeability. Furthermore, limited storage of DHA in adipose tissue suggests that a continued supply is needed.

PS and DHA are essential constituents of brain membranes and are central in brain activity. One special function of PS is to keep neuronal membranes flexible, to enable the free flow of nutrients. DHA is crucial for the synthesis of PS in the human brain. A deficiency of DHA leads to a Cardiovascular health decreased PS content in the brain.
In the same way as acetylcholine, PS and PC facilitate the production and the release of neurotransmitters, such as acethylcholine, which may diminish as we age or suffer from mental decline. PS has been the subject of many human clinical trials, has gained FDA recognition, and is used worldwide. DHA has long been recognised as an essential nutrient in infant formulas, necessary to ensure proper brain development and visual acuity

Application fields for DHA are:
• Cardiovascular health
• Brain health
• Visual function
• Healthy ageing
DHA Consumer benefits
• Freshness
• Longer shelf life
• Odourless and tasteless
• Easy to swallow
• Attractive and appealing look

A GFK consumer survey performed in 2007 in Germany with a panel of 100 consumers concluded that liquid caspules are an innovative delivery form with an entirely new appearance. Thanks to the nitrogen bubble injected into the capsule, the liquid fill can move freely and visibly within the capsule. This look is highly appreciated by consumers and implies fast action, higher efficacy, quality, convenience and safety.
Moreover Neuralta memory liquid capsules perfectly protect fatty acids from oxidation.

1 to 2 capsules per day or as directed by your pharmacist or doctor.




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