Notwithstanding ALTA CARE Laboratoires’ pronounced presence on the market with its various ranges of food supplements and multivitamins, the company has throughout the year 2006 launched an updated range of derma-cosmetics. Following the launch of the luxury DERMASTIR CAVIAR RANGE, rich in precious, nutritious and regenerating extracts of caviar, the novelty of the French company’s new range consists of twenty-nine different types of monodose cosmetic ampoules.


It is formulated in such a way as to make sure that the active ingredient is not oxidized and that it will satisfy any type of skincare. Dermastir Serum is used for beauty treatment programmes at ALTA CARE Laboratoires aesthetic centres in the centre of Rome. The DERMASTIR SERUM cosmetic ampoules are the result of French research and production of raw materials in monodose glass or plastic ampoules. The large number of ingredients offers one the possibility to tackle any type of skin problem at any age.


ALTA CARE Laboratoires has also formulated a series of luxury cosmetic ampoules. Amongst the selection of monodose ampoules one may find caviar ampoules, co-enzyme Q10 ampoules, retinol ampoules, vitamin E ampoules, royal jelly ampoules, collagen ampoules, kojic acid ampoules, glycolic acid ampoules and many more.     


DERMASTIR SERUM is now to be found on the derma-cosmetic market in boxes of 10 cosmetic monodose ampoules (each containing 2 or 3 ml). It is one of the most complete and largest range of monodose cosmetic ampoules in the world capable of tackling the greatest variety of needs. For further information contact ALTA CARE Laboratoires on 06 – 69 380 852, or by e.mail at or by visiting the site




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