You have just left the pharmacy with your latest purchase - a new cosmetic cream. Now you are at home; you tear the cellophane, remove the jar from its box and finally inaugurate your new acquisition. Great! But if the cream that you have just bought has been in the normal type of jar with a top that has to be screwed on, even though the jar looks very stylish and elegant, once the jar is opened and the cream comes into contact with the air outside, an oxidation process will start and consequently the active ingredients will begin losing their efficacy. Gradually, the more you use the cream the more will its quality diminish. And then, while looking at the mirror, you might even think that your latest acquisition is not having any effect. Do not worry for it’s not your skin that has become refractory. It’s your product that has become oxidized, thus losing part of its properties.

As a result of its research ALTA CARE Laboratoires has launched on the international market a new luxury dermacosmetic range with the precious regenerating extracts of caviar, DERMASTIR CAVIAR, in an innovative type of airless jar that is actually being used only by a few companies. Day and night cream, eye contour, cleanser, hydroserum, gel, solar cream; all in airless container, maintaining the same high quality of the formulation. The DERMASTIR CAVIAR products are rich and nutritious, and they are so, right up to the last millilitre. The precious extracts within the airless jars or airless bottles are conserved integrally during the whole process of use. Airless pumps do not use tubes and springs to pump up the cream, gel or serum; and in this manner there is no risk of catalysis of the active ingredient. These innovative containers are designed in such a way that the content is constantly kept in a vacuum and their particular system of distribution make the danger of oxidation resulting from contact with air impossible.  The DERMASTIR CAVIAR range of products will satisfy not only the most demanding quality requirements of the product, but also guarantee good efficacy right to the very end of use.

DERMASTIR CAVIAR will soon be available in all pharmacies. For further information contact ALTA CARE Laboratoires on 06 – 69 380 852, or e.mail at or visit the site at




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