Stretch marks result when the skin's collagen and elastin fibres are literally stretched to breaking point, and are caused when the skin is called upon to stretch while hormones are out of balance, for example pregnancy, puberty, rapid weight gain or weight loss. Many women’s esteem takes a drop when stretch marks appear and most find them to be a source of humiliation, and refuse to talk about them.  Stretch marks seem to state, ‘My body isn’t perfect anymore’;  especially when they appear during or after pregnancy.


When stretch marks first appear, they may be red in color, and this is because of the blood vessels which will be bleeding. They eventually fade, but can stretch all over the body. While stretch marks don't cause physical damage, they can be the source of many psychological problems. They are not pleasing to the eye, and can be frustrating if you're a self-conscious person. Because of this, many people are looking for ways to get rid of. or prevent stretch marks.

Skin is naturally elastic, and when it loses its elasticity, stretch marks may appear. Elastin is the main substance responsible for skin elasticity. When elastin is lost your skin can become damaged. The loss of elastin is also the cause of wrinkles or other skin blemishes.

Can stretch marks be prevented?

To a certain extent, yes.  For many people the problem with stretch marks is that they don’t take cautionary steps against developing them; they wait for them to appear and then try to get rid of them.  As always, prevention is better than cure. If skin elastin levels are taking a drop, it is important to supplement the skin with elastin.

Choosing the right elastin products for your stretch marks is fundemental.
With so many anti-stretch marks creams and lotions available, one does not know where to start when selecting a suitable treatment for stretch marks.  Undoubtedly, elastin supplements are the best choice as it only makes sense to replace what the skin is losing.   

Dermastir Elastin Care skincare Ampoules, by Alta Care Laboratoires, Paris, are a 100% pure concentrate of elastin preserved in a glass cosmetic ampoule.  Each Dermastir elastin glass ampoule contains just one application, so the efficacy of the ampoules is as high as possible. 

Dermastir Elastin glass ampoules can be purchased from pharmacies, perfumeries and beauty salons.  Dermastir Elastin skincare ampoules may be used at home or even for salon use.  At Alta Care Laboratoires’ aesthetic beauty centres Dermastir Elastin Care Ampoules are used in the ‘Anti-Stretch Mark Program’, a treatment exclusively offered by Alta Care Laboratoires.  Alta Care Laboratoires’ aesthetic treatments are exclusive because Alta Care Laboratoires products compliment Alta Care Laboratoires’ aesthetic machinery. 


During the ‘Anti-Stretch Mark Program’, one’s skin is treated with the luxurious Dermastir Elastin Care Ampoules which are complimented by the Dermastir high frequency, Dermastir Hydrotoner and Dermastir Oxy. Alta Care Laboratoires’ experienced beauty therapists carry out free consultations on each and every client, to determine what type of machinery should be used in combination with the Dermastir Elastin Ampoules for the best possible results.


Dermastir Elastin ampoules can be bought individually from a pharmacy at 8 euros per ampoule. One ampoule per week is enough in cases of prevention. Four ampoules therefore would be enough for a month. In cases when more intensive care is necessary it is recommended to apply one ampoule every 3 days.  




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