Why are the luxurious ingredients of the DERMASTIR LUXURY COLLECTION  by ALTA CARE Laboratoires, Paris, presented  to its distinguished clients, in flic-jars? What’s so special about these containers? These innovative containers are designed in such a way that the precious ingredients of the DERMASTIR day and night creams, those of the eye contour cream, as well as those of the Dermastir Gold, are constantly kept in a vacuum to prevent oxidization and contamination by contact with the air and environmental pollutants. By using the actuator pump that is found at the top of the flick jar, only the desired amount of cream is made available to the user for application on the skin, the rest of the content remains stored in the vacuum within, out of harm’s reach. This guarantees good efficacy right to the very end of use of the ingredients. More often than not creams on the market are sold in tubes or jars with screwed on caps or lids. This results in the exposure of the ingredients every time the container is made use of, with the result that the ingredients lose much of their efficacy.

The DERMASTIR CAVIAR DAY CREAM 50ml is an intense nutritive caviar based cream that prevents the formation of fine lines and wrinkles by protecting the skin with luxurious ingredients. The ingredients remain active because of the airless jar packaging mentioned above. Dermastir day cream is available in a flick jar and it provides your skin with rejuvenating results.
The DERMASTIR CAVIAR NIGHT CREAM 50ml, also a caviar based cream, uses innovative myorelaxation technology by ALTA CARE Laboratoires. It is designed to re-define the facial contours and smoothen fine lines and wrinkles, as well as expression-lines and micro-wrinkles. Dermastir night cream is also available in a flick jar.

The DERMASTIR CAVIAR SUN PROTECTION SPF 50ml is a fluid moisturizing cream with multiple and prolonged protection. This sun protection is one of the first sun protections to be presented in a flick jar instead of in a tube. This Dermastir flick jar guarantees that the UV filters remain intact till when they are applied on the skin to protect the skin for the UVA & UVB rays. This prevents and delays wrinkle formation and pigmentation. Caviar has also been added since it nourishes the skin and helps the skin to regain its natural softness.

All the DERMASTIR LUXURY COLLECTION is in a packaging that protects the ingredients from oxygen, heat and light. Being in a vacuum the ingredients are never in contact with oxygen and thus they do not undergo any oxidization.

The DERMASTIR packaging is also made up 3 jars nested in 1 thus creating a “thermos” effect.  The ingredients, as well as the UV filters themselves,  are protected from the heat especially during the peak summer months when the sun’s heat is at its peak.

Finally the DERMASTIR ingredients are also protected from light because the interior of the jars is coated with a metallic silver coating. This causes the UV rays that damage both the filters and the ingredientsto be reflected; thus this metallic coating protects the ingredients both from heat and light.

After taking off the cap of the Dermastir flick jar just press the pump slightly till the right dose of cream comes out. Once the cream is out let go and flick your hand over the surface of the pump and apply the cream to the required areas of the face.

A better packaging would be very difficult to design. ALTA CARE Laboratoires strives to provide its clients with pharmaceutical quality. The Dermastir flick jar by Alta Care Laboratoires is produced in France, guarantees that the ingredients will remain active in the jar both before and after opening it. 




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