Nicosolven Coenzyme CoQ10, an endogenous cellular constituent present in mitochondria, is a mediator of electron transport and energy production. Its action as co-antioxidant with vitamin E and vitamin C, by its ability to maintain both products in their reduced state, was recently confirmed by Crane and Navas.

The preventive benefits of Nicosolven are important to people who live in polluted cities or places. Nicosolven anti-oxidant efficacy is beneficial to smokers but also to non smokers as a prevention. The preventive benefits of CoQ10 are well known as powerful anti-oxidants to maintain a healthy heart and contribute to improve immune functions.

Nicosolven liquid CoQ10 capsules for an immediate effect
Our body can only absorb nutrients in liquid form; all solids have to be dissolved in the stomach or intestinal tract before they can be absorbed. In its solid form CoQ10 has to be emulsified in the intestine, which takes time, as it is only soluble in oil. Our body needs oil and emulsifiers to create a CoQ10 suspension or a solution in order to absorb it. In Nicosolven liquid CoQ10, CoQ10 is already dissolved in oil; thus as soon as the Nicosolven liquid capsule dissolves, CoQ10 is immediately available for absorption.

One of the main advantages of liquids is that they are absorbed directly by the body without going through break down stages. Active ingredients in liquid form should therefore be absorbed faster than in solid form.

Nicosolven liquid CoQ10 release CoQ10 quickly in a highly bioavailable form. The Nicosolven CoQ10 solution in oil supports its uptake and leads to higher plasma CoQ10 levels in comparison to other delivery forms such as soft gel capsules or tablets. In a comparative study Nicosolven liquid CoQ10 capsules created plasma levels 32 per cent higher than soft gels and 34 per cent higher than powdered CoQ10 delivery forms.

CoQ10 products are mostly sold in tablets or soft gel capsules. Nicosolven Liquid CoQ10 capsules are a new delivery form with a completely fresh appearance. Thanks to the nitrogen bubble inserted, the formulation can move around freely and visibly within the capsule, adding to the pleasant orange colour and overall look. Consumers like the Nicosolven liquid Co Q10 capsules look which implies higher efficacy, quality, convenience, faster action and safety. Nicosolven liquid capsules offer the chance to innovate in the growing CoQ10 market with a unique and highly distinguishable product.

GFK consumer survey performed in 2007 in Germany with a panel of 100 consumers.

Note to customers about CoQ10 formulation
• Like natural products such as honey or olive oil, crystallization may occur when capsules are exposed to temperature variation.
• The degree of crystallization strongly depends on the exposure to low temperatures. As this phenomenon is reversible, CoQ10 crystals dissolve again when the product is brought up above room temperature.
• Please note that this phenomenon does not affect in any way the stability of CoQ10 in the formula. This was confirmed by HPLC assay on the level of CoQ10 in our capsules.
• An opaque capsule can also be chosen to mask this natural phenomenon.

Directions of use
1 to 2 capsules per day or as directed by your pharmacist or doctor.

Nicosolven liquid capsules with liquid co enzyme Q10 is available in all pharmacies. Since the capsules are in liquid form, the liquid is absorbed immediately in the stomach and not like normal tablets in the intestine. This may cause some belching which is only transient. Nicosolven is recommended to smokers and non smokers to reduce oxidative stress and to reduce risks that are associated with smoking and passive smoking. Nicosolven liquid capsules with liquid co enzyme q10 are available in all pharmacies.




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