Blister packs are now widely used for medicinal and food supplement tablets and capsules. Blistered tablets and capsules are contained between a normally transparent, flexible plastic sheet, thermoformed, so as to define a plurality of pockets, each pocket being just large enough to receive the shape of the individual tablet or capsule.  A flat aluminium foil is heat sealed to the plastic sheet containing the tablets or capsules.

As a blister provides the tablets or capsules with protection against oxygen and humidity it eventually extends their shelf life. On the other hand tablets and capsules in bottles or other containers get exposed to external air and humidity every time the cap or lid of the bottle or container is removed. As a result of this, ingredients within the tablet or capsule are affected. This is what causes the ever present smell in medicinal bottles or containers. Because of this contact with external air the chemical form of the ingredients of a tablet or capsule may even change. A table or capsule within a blister is in contact with oxygen or humidity only when its foil is broken, and this happens just prior to the user’s ingesting the tablet or capsule.

Blister packs, being flat and light, are also much more convenient to carry in one’s pocket or handbag than a bulky glass bottle or tin container. The need to carry tablets on one's person varies and applies to many tablets, such as headache, anti-histamine, contraceptive, antacid, anti-inflammatory, cardiac, etc.

When buying a tablet or a capsule in a transparent blister it is also possible to see the size and type of the capsules or tablet. A tablet or capsule in a conventional bottle container is more often than not very difficult to examine.

Blistering is obviously a very professional, even though rather expensive process of packaging for any pharmaceutical company.  Simply putting food supplements or vitamins in bottles that have the same size, colour and shape, but just a different label, is not the right way.

From now on make sure to ask your pharmacist for a blistered food supplement or vitamin to ensure that the ingredients are of really high quality and that their chemical formula has not been affected through contact with oxygen or humidity.. High quality in food supplements and vitamins is very important. 




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