Alta Care Laboratoires continues to live up to its name as “La maison des sérums" with the launch of 3 new serums in a new presentation, branded as the Dermastir Twisters.

The serums are made up of concentrated ingredients in serum form. These 3 newly launchedserums are all lipophilic serums that will compliment the hydrophilic serums (presented in ampoule form).

Dermastir Twisters has been presented in a Dermastir luxury button jar packaging and is a continuation of the Dermastir airless touch jar range.

Alta Care Laboratoires has launched:

- Dermastir Co. Enzyme Q10 twisters with a serum that brightens up the skin, since co. Enzyme Q10 is important for the transport of oxygen at cellular level.
- Dermastir Retinol twisters with a serum containing a combination of retinol and squalane that is effective in cases of wrinkling and pigmentations.
- Dermastir Eye & Lip Contour twisters with a serum that has both decongesting and anti-wrinkle properties.

A jar of Dermastir twisters with 60 twisters costs €68. It is also possible to buy at reduced prices just the refill, in plastic containers that contain 30 Dermastir twisters, at €29. These Dermastir refills are also ideal for travelling.

Twist off the softgel tip and massage the serum around the specific area whenever required. Dermastir twisters can be used both during the day and at night. Dermastir Twisters are of pharmaceutical quality and are made in France.

Dermastir is available in all pharmacies and samples are provided in order to test the superior quality of these pure concentrate serums.




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