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The following is a test to obtain personal information on the presence of insomnia and its consequences. At the end, add up your count and then read the result.

On an average, after how much time after switching off the light did you fall asleep?

After a few minutes                            0
After half an hour                            1
After an hour                                2
After more than an hour                        3
On an average how many hours did you sleep at night?
More than 7 hours                            0
6 – 7 hours                                1
5 – 6 hours                                2
Less than 5 hours                            3

How did you normally feel on waking up in the morning?
Very well-rested                            0
Quite well-rested                            1
Little well-rested                            2
Not well-rested at all                            3

How many times did you find it difficult to stay awake while driving, or at work or when being with other people?
Never                                    0
Less than once a month                        1
More than once a month                        2
More than once a week                        3

How many times did you experience a lack of concentration during your daily activities?
Never                                    0
Less than once a month                        1
More than once a month                        2
More than once a week                        3

How did you feel during the day at work, with your friends, with your family?
Active, lively, concentrated and wide-awake                0
Awake, relaxed, reactive but not completely concentrated.        1
Dizzy, slow and slightly sleepy.                    2
Drousy, dizzy, trying to keep awake, wishing to lie down and rest.    3

Between 0 and 6
You have no insomnia problems.
Between 6 and 12
You may have a slight insomnia problem that may affect your daily quality of life. Controller syrup and capsules is the supplement ideal for you that does not need prescription. You do not need to take medication.
Between 13 and 15
Be careful! You have serious sleeping disorders that may jeopardize your quality of life and concentration ability. Controller syrup and capsules have to be supplemented to prescription medication. Consult your doctor.

•    In 10% - 20% of the cases insomnia may be the result of stress, bad habits, work routines that are too intense and irregular.
•    5% of the population that suffer from insomnia happen to be over 50 years old, overweight and men, very often with high blood pressure, heart problems or diabetics. In such case a change of habits and diet can be helpful.
•    The vast majority of people have memory and concentration problems during the day because of lack of adequate sleep at night.
•    Most insomniacs seek no remedy; some others refuse treatment and a few try self-medication.

Alta Care Laboratoires is ready to help.
CONTROLLER SYRUP will ensure a good night’s sleep and an energizing morning. Being 100% natural it is non-addictive and has no side-effects. CONTROLLER SYRUP improves the quality of sleep and a refreshing wake up is guaranteed. Energy is restored to the body because the controller syrup improves the quality of sleep significantly.

Drink 10ml before going to sleep.  
During  treatment:
Controller Soup can be complimented to Controller Aroma Patches
or as advised by your doctor or pharmacist.





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