Flodol® Glucosamine is a gel containing L-Glucosamine that acts on the cartilage to help improve flexibility and mobility.

Through this gel, joints and ligaments are kept in good condition.

Flodol® Gucosamine Gel also has 2 other very important ingredients that improve the flexibility of the joints, chondroitin and MSM. Flodol® Glucosamine Gel is used to massage the joints and it is one of the most effective treatments for whoever is already taking glucosamine tablets.
Glucosamine gel works from the outside to the inside to compliment the glucosamine capsules that work from the inside to the outside.

Flodol® Glucosamine Gel is strongly recommended for anyone who is taking glucosamine capsules or tablets. People suffering from joint problems and who take glucosamine benefit a lot from massages and therefore massaging the joints with Flodol® Glucosamine Gel is ideal.

Flodol® Glucosamine has an immediate cooling effect that reduces the intensity and the frequency of discomfort especially when the pain is chronic. The gel is effective when applied on joints, muscles, tendons and ligaments when there are contusions.
It has different modes of action to improve flexibility. Flodol® is used internationally also by sportsmen in order to prevent relapse.

Flodol® Glucosamine Gel is presented in an economical very large 500ml bottle.




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