What causes cellulite?
Ultrasonic imaging by Alta Care Laboratoires reveals that cellulite is caused by inflammation. This inflammatory condition is linked to hormone imbalance, engorged fat cells, lack of oxygen, decreased circulation and deterioration of supportive collagen fibers causing an unsightly “orange peel” appearance. Cellulite is a progressive condition that can get worse over time and with age.

Who suffers from cellulite?
Cellulite is not related to being overweight since it occurs in all body types including women who are thin. Cellulite affects approximately 85 percent of women and rarely men, due to hormonal imbalances of estrogen and progesterone that result in fat storage and collagen breakdown. If you feel that hormones may be causing your condition, visit Silvia women patches with isoflavones that can help restore hormone balance.
In this diagram one can see how in healthy tissue a fine mesh of blood and lymph channels supplies the adipose tissue with necessary nutrition and oxygen. The lymph is responsible for the removal of toxic elements.

In unhealthy tissue, the microcirculation of both blood and lymph has been disrupted by constricted and loss of dermal capillary networks. Engorged fat cells causing decreased circulation in the unhealthy tissue contributes to an inflammatory response. This causes structural changes in subcutaneous fat tissue and the surrounding matrix of collagen fibers reflecting the expansion of adipose tissue into the dermis and the stiffening of collagen fibers that draw in anchor points causing dimpling in the dermis and epidermis.
Alta Care Laboratoires Cellulite treatments.

Altadrine fat burner tablets breaks down fat and the fat burnt is converted into energy. The synephrine acts on the beta 3 receptors found on the adipocytes (fatty cells) and the fat is released and burnt according to the Kreb cycle. Altadrine fat burner tablets increases the metabolism of the body. The body uses the body fat reserves instead of the carbohydrate reserves when the Altadrine is combined with exercise.

Altadrine fat liquidizers are liquid capsules with conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) and CoQ10 that do not allow the fat to be deposited. The Altadrine fat liquidizers lower the fat levels in the blood and therefore also protect the heart. Altadrine fat liquidizers are fast acting and recommended in cases where the patient needs to burn down fat but the heart needs to remain protected.

Altadrine appetite control liquid capsules with conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) and pine oil is excellent to control appetite. The Altadrine appetite control liquid capsules elongate the interval time between one meal and the other. The sensation of fullness is also reached quickly since the Altadrine appetite control liquid capsules act fast on the CCK and GLP1 which are the 2 main hormones that stimulate hunger. 
Altadrine fruit and vegetables tablets contain 6 fruit fibres in an orange tablet and 6 vegetable fibres in a green tablet. The fibres help to block the fat in the intestinal system in cases when it is known that one has ingested a fatty meal. 

Altadrine Thalasso Drink stimulates fat metabolism but also drains waters and electrolytes just like other tisanes with the difference however that the electrolytes are replaced; tisanes do not replace electrolytes.
Altadrine Cellulite creams help to minimize the intrinsic and extrinsic factors causing cellulite.  This is a home care system and should be coupled with oral cellulite treatments.

Altadrine Cellulite Patches act locally in cases when the nodules have to be broken down chemically. Altadrine Cellulite Patches also acts on specific localized parts to help decrease the inflammation and congestion.

Dermastir Collagen & Dermastir Elastin Ampoules when combined with massages and aesthetic treatments reinforce the cells and therefore prevent the appearance of inestetisms caused by cellulite. 
Dermastir Co Q10 ampoules & Dermastir Co Q10 twisters are lipophilic serums with Co Q10 that when combined with massages and aesthetic treatments help to improve the transport of oxygen to the cells. Oxygen is always needed in the processes to burn down fat.

Altadrine Cellulogy works by vacuum aspiration. The vibratory and percussion massage treats cellulite conditions and poor circulation, toxins are eliminated by lymph drainage. When combined with Dermastir ampoules and Dermastir serums, results can be extraordinary. In cases when the skin has a lot of nodules Altadrine cellulogy ultrasound has to be used first before vacuum aspiration.

Altadrine Body Wraps are peel off body wraps and therefore they can also be used at home. The body wraps have occlusive properties and this causes the skin to react, to decrease the inflammation, and to improve circulation. Altadrine body wraps also supply the skin with nutrients that are very important at cellular level.
Silvia Women Patches. Hormone balancing allows unopposed estrogen to be controlled by supplementing with isoflavones & natural progesterone. When the underlying cause of cellulite hormone imbalance. Silvia women patches are recommended.

Nicosolven CoQ10. In many cases there is an increase in weight because one decides to stop smoking. In these cases the weight increased has to be controlled with Nicosolven liquid capsules. If the oxidative stress is counteracted correctly there will be no weight gain and cellulite.

Altasterol Pro+ caffeine tablets. Studies show that when caffeine tablets are combined with exercise the body burns down first the fat deposits instead of the carbohydrate deposits. The bad news is that when caffeine tablets is not combined with exercise, no fat is burnt down.





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