Altadrine Appetite Control contains CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) and pine seed oil in a liquid capsule that helps support the management of weight control and appetite/hunger control.

Fast acting Altadrine liquid capsules are important since appetite suppression capsules that used to work well are now banned because of their serious side effects. Altadrine Appetite Control is safe to use daily and the CLA is very healthy for the heart. Altadrine Appetite Control is the answer to increase the sensation of fullness and to help to elongate the time between one meal and the other. An Altadrine Appetite Control liquid capsule taken at lunch helps you arrive to dinner less hungry.

Clinical trials have confirmed the effectiveness of Altadrine Appetite Control. Alta Care Laboratoires thoroughly tested the product in a randomised double blind cross-over trial, and the results were: Altadrine Appetite Control can help to suppress appetite and promote a feeling of 'fullness', thus providing satiety.

The study clearly showed that within 30 to 60 minutes after taking Altadrine Appetite Control in the form of liquid capsules, the release of the satiety hormone of cholecystokinin (CCK) was significantly increased in the blood of the test subjects, compared to those who had taken a placebo. The natural metabolites of Altadrine Appetite Control also significantly increased the release of another satiety hormone glucagon-like peptide1 (GLP1) in the blood. Both hormones send signals of satiation to the brain, and are essential in regulating food intake.

Altadrine Appetite Capsules cost €14.90 and are available in a box of 30. It is recommended to take 1 capsule before a meal or 1 capsule between one meal and another with a large glass of water or as advised by your pharmacist or doctor.

Altadrine Appetite Control liquid capsules are produced in France by Alta Care Laboratoires.




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