Dandruff, the tiny little flakes that fall on to our shoulders after causing a constant and uncontrollable itching on the scalp, is very often caused by a genetic condition known as seborrheic dermatitis. This happens after puberty when the sebaceous sweat glands in seborrhea cannot function until hormones secreted during puberty appear. The sweat glands go into overdrive and produce sebum that contributes to the ‘greasy’ texture of dandruff. Dandruff can also be caused by seasonal changes, stress, infections, hormonal imbalances and neurological conditions. It can also be caused by disorderly nutrition or by the scalp’s reaction to certain hair dyes, gels or cosmetics.

Dandruff may be either greasy, in which case the scalp is often greasy and the flakes that detach from the scalp are yellowish, or dry, and in this case the scalp will be dry and the flakes will be very tiny and whitish. Normally anyone having a greasy dandruff will have a scalp that is producing too much sebum. This may give rise to fungi that feed on the substances released by the scalp that then release a toxin that causes inflammation to the scalp. Dry dandruff is very often caused by hair-dyes and gels that force the skin to change at a quicker rate than normal.

TRUE – The underlying cause of dandruff is a fungus. Malasezzia furfur – (Pityrosporum) is the name of the fungus responsible for the dandruff.

TRUE – Dandruff lowers one’s self-esteem. Dandruff may be embarrassing and unsightly. It could keep your friends at a distance and your relationships may suffer.

FALSE – Dandruff concerns primarily women. Not at all! It affects mostly men.

TRUE – Dandruff is a hereditary condition. Parents who suffer from this condition often transmit it to their children.

FALSE – Babies and young children too may have dandruff. Normally this problem arises at the age of about 16.

TRUE –  Apparently old aged do not seem to have dandruff. Normally formation of  dandruff decreases from the age of 45 onwards.

FALSE – Dandruff does not damage the hair. Dandruff is clear evidence that the scalp is not healthy and that consequently hair is about to fall.

FALSE – You will not have dandruff if you wash your hair daily. Not at all! Washing your hair every day with an aggressive product may give rise to dry dandruff. 

TRUE – If you feel any itching of the scalp you are to avoid scratching. Scratching will only make things worse for this may cause lesions of the skin in which the sebum may then give rise to annoying infections.

TRUE – Dandruff shampoo is treated with a shampoo that has anti-fungal properties. The best shampoos are those containing ketoconazole and climbazole which are both anti fungals. When they are combined with zinc the efficacy is superior.

FALSE – Hair protects us from dandruff. Very often hair impedes the skin of the scalp  from receiving fresh air and thus prevents respiration. This may cause a further increase of dandruff.

FALSE – While washing your hair it is helpful to scrub energetically your scalp. Washing your hair and cleaning your scalp is to be done very delicately. Otherwise you may scratch and damage your scalp; you may render it drier thus aggravating the problem.

TRUE – Atmospheric pollution may cause irritation to the skin of the scalp and hence bring about dandruff. Dermatologists recommend a thorough cleaning of the scalp at least three times a week.

FALSE – Dandruff is more widespread during the cold months of the year. On the contrary dandruff increases during the hot months and during seasonal changes when the body experiences sweating.

TRUE – Dandruff is not painful when swimming. Sea-water and solar energy help to reestablish the equilibrium of the production of sebum in the scalp and thus eliminate dandruff.

TRUE – Stress may render this condition more serious. Stress affects many of our bodily functions including absorption and digestion of food. This means that indirectly the scalp and consequently dandruff will also be affected during times of stress.

FALSE – Bald headed men are not affected by dandruff. The scalp of bald headed people too can suffer from dandruff.

TRUE – Trimming one’s hair can be useful in case of dandruff. In this way the scalp can absorb more easily the correct application and the cure will be quicker.

FALSE – Smoking has nothing to do with dandruff. Smoking definitely affects the skin of the scalp giving rise to dandruff.

Kito-Z  OTC Shampoo by Alta Care Laboratoires is the ideal shampoo to use topically in cases of all types dandruff.

Kito-Z OTC shampoo is a 4 in 1 that has also these conditioning agents:
Octipirox – anti allergy properties.

Triclosan - antibacterial properties

Climbazole - antifungal properties.

Zinc pyrithione – anti-inflammatory properties.

KITO Z shampoo may also be used as a prevention to maintain a healthy skin. It has a good smell and so there is no need to mask it with perfumes or deodorants.

KITO Z ampoules are now also on the market as an intensive treatment with pure zinc to decrease the symptoms caused by dandruff. Kito Z ampoules are applied to the scalp once every three days as a treatment and the serum penetrates the scalp without the need of washing it off.




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