Researchers at the American College of Rheumatology have recently carried out a study regarding the relationship between joint-pain/arthritis and shoes worn by both men and women.  They have concluded that high-heels, a universal symbol of femininity, if worn very often, may cause damage to body joints and eventually bring about arthritis. That stilettos are not very comfortable we all knew. But not all girls and ladies are aware of the fact that their strutting about on high-heels will eventually bring about discomfort and pain, not only to their feet and legs, but to their whole body. The research carried out by the American College of Rheumatology has shown that amongst all kinds of shoes, high heeled ones are the most likely to cause arthritis; the discomfort and pain will become of a very serious nature the older one gets. On the other hand it has been shown that comfortable shoes such as gym-shoes do not cause joint pain, and arthritis is never related to comfortable shoes. Alyssa B. Dufour, in a study published in the magazine Arthritis Care & Research, states that researchers have found that there is a strong co-relation between the type of shoes worn and joint-pain. In fact research has shown that  men, who normally wear more comfortable shoes, do not suffer such pain.

Researchers conclude their study by giving this advice to women:
Better comfortable than shrieking with pain later on;
Better no heels and no spider veins
Never buy shoes without trying them on to ensure that they are comfortable;
Do not wear shoes that have high heels, or ones that are too tight for your feet.
It’s the foot that has to fit the shoe, not the shoe fit the foot.  

ALTA CARE Laboratoires, while agreeing with the above mentioned study’s conclusions and advice, and having carried out its own studies regarding pedicure - the care of feet and legs - has launched on the market the “VENALTA” range of products that improve and prevent the unpleasant appearance of veins and improve the blood circulation of the legs. Venalta is a supplement for tired and heavy legs and is ideal for people who work for prolonged periods standing. Women who wear high heels must make use of VENALTA to avoid the discomfort brought about by joint-pain and arthritis!
The “Venalta” range consists of the Venalta Syrup, Venalta Capsules, Venalta Ampoules, Venalta Patches and Venalta Gel. This range has been specifically extended so as to provide both internal and external action to the legs. Most importantly however, is to note that the main active ingredients include Red Vine extract, Horse Chestnut extract, Vitamin E and Vitamin C, Malt extract and Buckwheat extract; all these natural extracts  promote venous strength, better blood circulation and healthier joints, feet and legs.

Alta Care Laboratoires recommends that girls and ladies do think seriously about the consequences of wearing uncomfortable high-heeled shoes. Sexy now and spider veins  later makes no sense. VENALTA IS ALL ABOUT HEALTHY FEET AND LEGS.

VENALTA is made in France and is available from all pharmacies.

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