Are you a chocoholic? Yes? And you're not worrying about high blood-sugar levels and possibly obesity? No? Well someone surely is getting very very worried!!!

Dr David Walker, a family GP from Airdie Lanarkshire, who is also a trained food scientist and nutritionist, is of the opinion that chocolate should be taxed in the same way as alcohol to control Britain's obesity epidemic. In his address at a medical conference, Dr Walker stated that chocolate used to be a treat, but has become a harmful addiction, causing weight problems, diabetes, high blood pressure and back pain. He went on to say that consumers are often eating more than half a day's worth of calories when they polish off a bag of chocolates in front of the television. Dr David Walker claimed that obesity is such a mushrooming problem that Britain is heading the same way as the United States. Chocolate is being seen as a major player also in the medical condition of type-two diabetes.

A motion calling for the introduction of a chocolate tax was defeated by only two votes by doctors at the British Medical Association (BMA) conference.

Surely a tax is not going to solve your problem of expanding waistline and other high risk conditions, but the message that doctors all over the world are sending is a serious one. Let’s not ignore it!
“What am I to do? I just can’t help eating a 225g bag of chocolate sweets containing almost 1,200 calories, more than half the recommended daily calorie intake, while watching television.”

ALTADRINE APPETITE CONTROL contains CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) and pinus seed oil in a liquid capsule that helps support the management of weight control and appetite/hunger control. Fast acting Altadrine liquid capsules are important since appetite suppression capsules, that used to work well, are now banned because of their serious side-effects.

ALTADRINE APPETITE CONTROL is safe to use daily and the CLA is very healthy for the heart.

ALTADRINE APPETITE CONTROL may be the answer to your craving for chocolate. It will also increase the sensation of fullness and help you to elongate the time between one meal and the other. An Altadrine Appetite Control liquid capsule, taken at lunch, will help you get to dinner less hungry.

Clinical trials have confirmed the effectiveness of Altadrine appetite control. Alta Care Laboratoires thoroughly tested Altadrine Appetite Control in a randomized double blind cross-over trial, and the results was: Altadrine Appetite Control can help to suppress appetite and promote a feeling of  'fullness', thus providing satiety.

Alta Care Laboratoires recommends 1 capsule before meals, or 1 capsule between one meal and another, with a large glass of water, or as advised by your pharmacist or doctor.

Before stocking up on your favorite cocoa-containing food or drink, keep in mind that most high-quality chocolate contains a significant amount of saturated fat and quite a few calories. Even if chocolate is confirmed to have significant health benefits by some researchers, the benefits could be cancelled out by eating too much.

Chocolate is both a blessing and a curse for men, women and children - it's a treat that adds pleasure to life, but it can also wreak havoc on  one’s health and well-being.




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