ALTA CARE Laboratoires is offering a sun protection in powder form. Dermastir Sun Powder is a new product that complements the Dermastir airless sun protections which are already available as a white sun protection cream and as a tinted sun protection cream. The Dermastir Sun Powder has seveal advantages over a normal sun cream. The Dermastir Sun Powder besides achieving amazing results, it  is presented in an innovative and practical container.

The DERMASTIR SUN POWDER container is made up of the following components:
•    A container with DERMASTIR SUN POWDER SPF 50+ within;
•    A rotating dial that encloses the powder;  this dial has perforations  through which powder is released when dial is turned clockwise;
•    A revolving lid;
•    A sponge is attached to the bottom of the lid; sponge revolves with lid; it absorbs powder released from revolving dial below it.

The Dermastir sun powder is a tinted sun protection powder with sun protection filters that protect the skin from UVA and UVB. The collagen particles added to the Dermastir sun powder fill and protect wrinkles from the sun's rays. Active Vitamin C has also been added to prevent pigmentation. The Dermastir sun powder has a mattifying effect on the skin and this compliments the sweating that happens to the skin when exposed to the sun. The sun powder can be also used over make up, unlike other sun protection creams.

•    Grab the Dermastir container in one hand.
•    With other hand turn lid a couple of times until ticking sound is heard. Ticking indicates that dial below is turning and powder is being released on to sponge below.
•    Open up lid with powdered sponge.
•    Apply the powdered sponge to face.
•    Replace lid after application

DERMASTIR SUN POWDER is easier to use than other sunpowders on the market.
•    There is now no need to dig into powder, as in the case of other powders.
•    Fingers and hand needn’t touch powder.
•    Powder is released on to the sponge just by turning the lid, and consequently the dial below, a couple of times.
•    Sufficient amount of powder is released and there is no wastage.
•    Lid and sponge are not two separate components, but one.
•    The desired amount of powder is released by the turning of the dial.
•    Powder not being used is kept safely in container, away from contamination.
•    Powder is protected from harmful rays of the sun for it is not continually exposed to the UV rays of the sun.
•    Container is light weight and therefore can be easily carried in a pocket or beach-bag.

Dermastir Sun Powder SPF50+ is made in France. For further information phone +39 06 6050 7487 or visit web-site or e.mail at




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