When opening your Dermastir Filler Sun Powder, you will find a sponge which has this particularity; the sponge forms an integral part of the cap of the jar.

What are the advantages of an integrated sponge?

First, you can’t lose it! Every woman using make-up has at least once in her life lost the sponge or the brush of her powder-box. Then, in the hurry of the morning before going to work, or also in the evening before going out, she has to use something like cotton or the first thing coming at hand to apply her powder. But doing it this way is not suitable at all; cotton takes too much powder and thus too much of the product gets wasted. What a shame! With this integrated sponge, you won’t even have to think about where you have put it after finishing: it’s stuck to the cap and so you cannot lose it. An integrated sponge is always available when applying Dermastir sun powder.

Why suitable? Why wouldn’t a brush be more suitable?  First, because the bristles of the brush would draw lines on your face. On the contrary, the sponge enables the powder to penetrate your skin deeper by increasing the pressure. The sponge also allows you to apply the powder uniformly on your face since it can hold a great amount of powder. Neither too much nor not enough, but the perfect amount you need to protect your skin from UVA and UVB.

An integrated sponge is also highly hygienic. In fact, you don’t have to touch the powder with your fingers. The powder goes directly from the jar to your face; this really diminishes the number of bacteria introduced in it during all its lifetime.  Having an uncontaminated product is essential because Dermastir Filler does not just cover up like make up but it also penetrates the skin to supply ingredients at high concentrations. A product has to be clean and safe so that you don’t insert bacteria in the deep layers of your skin.

Finally, an integrated sponge exempts you from washing your hands after use since you didn’t touch the product. Dermastir Filler Sun Powder is very practical: you can easily use it everywhere at any moment of the day.

In a nutshell, the integrated sponge of Dermastir Filler Sun Powder is an essential and indispensable device of the packaging that will allow you to take advantage of all the qualities of the product, without having the inconveniences, and maybe even repercussions, when regularly using other cosmetics.

Alta Care Laboratoires always tries to better its products by adding new technology to them, while keeping in mind a product’s essential characteristic -  simplicity of use.




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