The dosage dial of the Dermastir Sun Powder Filler is a unique feature in this innovative product by Alta Care Laboratoires.

What’s the usefulness of this dosage dial?

When a compressed powder is packed in a normal powder-box, it is not uniformly consumed. In fact, one makes circular movements to dig into the powder with a brush or a sponge.  This circular digging motion results in a powder with a crater in the middle of the surface area of the powder. Digging with a sponge in the centre of a compressed powder causes the centre to get consumed quickly. When digging the sponge in a compressed powder that is consumed from the centre, the sponge ends up with more powder on the sides than in the centre. Compressed powders that have surface areas that are not leveled out cannot be dosed carefully onto the face.  There is also a greater probability that the product becomes oxidized and unstable because the surface area in contact with exterior is greater.

Alta Care Laboratoires has created a dosage dial so that one may have the correct dosage of powder on the sponge. The Dermastir Sun Powder dosage dial also manages to keep the sun powder surface area always leveled out.  

The dosage dial consists of a plastic rotating device, 1 cm high and 5cm in diameter, perfectly suiting the rest of the circumference of the jar. The Dermastir compressed sun powder is stored under this dial and is thus kept safely in a container, away from contamination. The dosage dial also contains little perforations so that when one turns the dial clockwise, the powder is released through these perforations. In that way, the dosage dial shaves through the upper layer of the compressed sun powder and an accurate dose of sun powder is dispensed. In other words, instead of digging into the compressed powder, one turns the dial and gets the accurate dosage of sun powder.

Dermastir Sun Powder Filler, thanks to its dosage dial, can contain high concentrations of active ingredients. Why? Because there is more stability in the end product and also because stability is maintained when the product is being used. In fact Alta Care Laboratoires has managed to keep high concentrations of sun protection factor, collagen and vitamin C in the compressed powder.  

The dosage dial also allows the powder not to fly away when the cap is removed. Dermastir Sun Powder Filler’s packaging allows no loss of product, and so the powder lasts longer. In fact, in Dermastir Sun Powder Filler, the powder remains compressed and hidden under the white dial. The Dermastir sun powder is constantly compressed in its packaging and therefore, unlike other compressed powders, there is no risk that the powder loosens; moreover there won’t be any flaking. An internal mechanism is responsible to keep the sun powder always compressed. Since the Dermastir Sun Powder doesn’t flake, it doesn’t feel dry on the skin. The powder, that is dosed off when turning the dial, is fresh and its active substances are still active.

Dermastir Sun Powder Filler’s small and smart device allows you to take all the benefits of this luxurious sun powder. Its efficiency in protecting your skin against UVA, UVB and pigmentation is real because the ingredients are correctly protected by the dial.

Alta Care Laboratoires always tries to better its products by adding new technology to them, while keeping in mind a product’s essential characteristic -  simplicity of use.




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