SILVIA® Osteo Plus Tablets by Alta Care Laboratoires will help you to have a good intake of the two most important minerals for your bones: calcium and phosphate. After 40 years old, the bones density starts decreasing, especially for women. This normal phenome is called osteopenia, but it can become an illness called osteoporosis when the bone mass loss becomes more important, leading to high risks of fracture. To fight against this process, it’s important to have good mineral intakes daily.
Calcium and phosphate give to your bones its hardness and resistance. The main ingredient of SILVIA® OSTEO PLUS TABLETS is tricalcium phosphate, that unlike other minerals on the market, is highly bioavailable for the body when absorbed.  Tricalcium phosphate combined with alga Lithohamnium, like in SILVIA Osteo Plus Tablets, also help in the remineralization of the bones.
SILVIA® Osteo Plus Tablets by Alta Care Laboratoires is recommended by doctors for women above 40, but also for adolescents who finish their growth and people that don’t consume dairy products and need a bigger calcium intake. 




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