Men rarely complain about shoes, but women do, and very often! For special functions and even for a night of dancing, high-heels seem to be a must. Consequently women have to wear shoes that are too tight and that cause pain around the balls of the feet and the bones in that area.

Venalta Cryogel Massage produced by Alta Care Laboratoires, is a pain-relief gel with a cold effect that improves micro-circulation. This cold effect improves the penetration of the product's active ingredients. The cold effect of Venalta Cryogel has anti inflammatory properties that treat the underlying cause of pain. The ingredients improve the flexibility and mobility of the feet.

One of the underlying causes of foot pain is a condition known in the medical field as plantar fasciitis.

Plantar fascia is a strong band of tissue (like a ligament) that stretches from your heel to your middle foot bones. It supports the arch of your foot and also acts as a shock-absorber in your foot. You are likely to injure the plantar fascia when:
•    you are on your feet for a long time;
•    when you do lots of walking, running, standing and you are not used to it;
•    if you start running on a different surface, on a road instead of a track;
•    if you wear shoes, especially high-heeled ones, with poor cushioning or poor arch support;
•    if you are an athlete and have to stretch the sole of your feet often;
•    if you have a tight Achilles tendon.

Pain is the main symptom in plantar fasciitis. This can be anywhere on the underside of your heel. However, commonly, one spot is found as the main source of pain. This is often about 4 cms forward from your heel, and may be tender to touch. Foot pain can also be caused by heel spurs, bunions and calluses.

Venalta Cryogel has one very important advantage for anyone practicing sport, long walks, long flights, dancing or even standing up for several hours. On massaging the cold gel, the ingredients will penetrate into the skin and the remaining gel will immediately evaporate. There will not be a greasy, slippery effect on the foot and the shoes. Therefore high-heels can be worn without any risk of slipping after using Venalta cryogel.

Venalta Cryogel will give immediate cold relief and it is recommended to apply the cold gel before putting your shoes on and also after putting your shoes off. Venalta cryogel is available in pharmacies. For further information visit or send e.mail at





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