Pigmentation is a disorder of skin complexion and color due to the increase in production of melanin. Pigmentation is also caused by hormonal changes in the body during pregnancy and menopause, as well as by sun exposure.

Sue: "I have had this dark patch of skin under my eyes and both sides of my nose since I was a little girl. I have tried various creams and treatments but to no avail, and at times my condition became even worse. It was only recently, when I started using Dermastir Kojic Acid Ampoules by Alta Care Laboratoires, that the dark patches on my face have begun to whiten."

Ann: When I was a teenager I used to think that a good sun tan was what made a girl pretty. So I used to spend long hours on the beach, practically from May to October. I overdid it, and it was too late when I realized the horrible damage that the sun had done to my skin. My skin became pigmented and a lot darker than I wanted it to be. I have now stopped tanning. I have tried many skin whitening lotions during the past months to whiten my skin. Lately a friend of mine recommended me to use Dermatir Kojic Acid Ampoules by Alta Care Laboratoires. Kojic acid is commonly used in topical formulations to treat pigmentation and the dark spots on the skin. My dark spots are beginning to fade!"

Diane: Because of a dark patch above my lip I hated having to look into a mirror. Most probably it was birth control that caused this area above my lip to turn dark. I have used makeup to try to cover the pigmentation. Even though it was only a small part of my face I had to find a skin whitening remedy. After trying several products I have finally hit on the right one – Dermastir Kojic Acid Ampoules by Alta Care Laboratoires. I am beginning to look forward to looking into the mirror.”.
Kojic acid is a by-product of malting rice for use in the manufacture of sake. Since its discovery by the Japanese twenty years ago, kojic acid products have taken the skin care industry by storm. This mushroom extract is an extremely popular skin lightening treatment. Kojic Acid is used for overall skin whitening, for pigmentation problems, and as an age spot and freckle remover.
There is definitely convincing research, both in vitro and in vivo, and also in animal studies, showing that kojic acid is effective for inhibiting melanin production.

KOJIC ACID AMPOULES are produced by Alta Care Laboratoires in France and are available from all pharmacies. For further information visit www.altacare.com or e.mail alta@altacare.com .





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