Altacura vapour helps babies with dummies to open naturally the nasal airway passages, supporting physiological respiration. 
Physiological respiration improves nasal respiration, quality of sleep, reduces irritability and complications that may occur in the respiratory tract. 
How do babies breathe ?
Breathing of the newborn is exclusively nasal. We observe our baby sleeping: quiet, not snoring and the lips are closed. This all means that the baby breathes properly. When respiration is physiological, the correct respiration is nasal, the lips are closed and the tongue is placed forward and upward, touching the palate.
When the baby sleeps with his mouth open or with slight snoring: breathing is incorrect
If the child's lips are open or his sleep is interrupted by mild snoring, breathing is not physiological. The tongue is lower and backward, a dangerous position that could reduce the flow of air and in the long term this could influence the child's general well-being and growth. Non-physiological breathing can cause sleep disorders and cause common problems such as easy fatigue, irritability, frequent infections of the oral cavity, reduction in growth.
What to do if the baby has trouble sleeping and how to help the baby maintain a physiological breath?
If you recognize nocturnal symptoms such as frequent snoring or restless sleep, we advise you Altacura vapour patches to aid better nasal respiration. Altacura vapour patch can help maintain physiological breathing in the newborn.




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