CELLULITE!!! You're not the only one!!! The truth is that 80 to 90% of women have some form of cellulite on their bodies, be it abdomen, thighs, buttocks, flanks, legs, arms, ankles, etc. Some of you won't be seen in a swimsuit, shorts, skirts or anything that exposes their legs. For others it may be not much of a bother, but still an inconvenience. Today anti-cellulite gels are being used both by men and women especially in the abdominal area to cut out the abdominal muscles further.

There are a myriad of anti-cellulite treatments out there, all claiming to burn down fat and cure cellulite. The main problem for the consumer is in choosing the right active ingredients that will burn your fat away. Caffeine 5% is the ingredient used my producers of most fat burning cellulite gels.

is the pathological alteration of the connective tissue caused by subcutaneous fat and microcirculation problems that lead to a padded or orange-peel-like appearance of the skin. This dimpling of the skin occurs because the collagen fibres are no longer straight and aligned. Although being pathological, cellulite may be treated, so long that the right strategy is adopted constantly without delay. Studies show that results are seen if one uses constantly Altadrine Fat Burning Cryogel.

The main cause is linked to the estrogens (female hormones) that cause liquid retention in tissues, as well as the natural deposit of adipose cells, in particular zones of the body (thighs, flanks, buttocks, legs, arms).

Other causes are:
    hereditary predisposition
    a bad diet
    being over-weight
    a sedentary life-style

Altadrine Fat Burner Cryogel is produced by Alta Care Laboratoires and forms part of the vast Altadrine fat burning gels. Altadrine fat burning cryogel is a 2 in 1 treatment, both for cellulite and water-retention.

Altadrine Fat Burner Cryogel leaves a cold effect that enhances microcirculation. This cold effect diminishes the circumference of the thighs and cutting out muscles if the applications are constantly done in a regular way.   

The anti-cellulite activator found in Altadrine Fat Burner Cryogel is made up of pure Caffeine + Citrus Aurantium. This synergic combination enhances burning of fat and destocks fat deposits.

The stem cells are capable of stimulating the secretion of the protein that burns and destocks fat. The stem cells also contribute in keeping the collagen fibres straight and aligned.

With Altadrine Fat Burner Cryogel one's silhouette is significantly refined and apart from being used to burn down cellulite, this product is used to cut out abdominals. In fact Altadrine Fat burning Cryogel is known in the
USA as Altadrine cutting gel. Altadrine Fat Burner Cryogel Gel is used often, before and after work outs, in gyms, or when doing high performance activity.

The directions for use are as follows. Massage the interested zone until complete absorption of the product. The cold sensation felt at the treated areas is due to the cryogenic action of the gel that enhances the absorption of the ingredients. A continuous use will help one to obtain significant results within 3-4 weeks, depending on the extent of the aesthetic imperfection and one’s personal reaction to the product.

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