It happens every spring. You fling open the windows, shed your winter coat, and suddenly get the urge to clean your house. But do you ever think about "spring cleaning" the toxins from your body?

Biologically, nature supports cleansing of the body in spring. In winter the digestive fire is high, and people eat more sweet and heavy food. Most of the time they aren't able to assimilate these hard-to-digest foods, so Ama (the sticky, toxic product of indigestion) starts accumulating.

When the warm weather melts the snow in spring, it has a similar effect on the body. In spring the Ama melts and the volume of Ama becomes so great that the shrotas, the microcirculatory channels of the body, become clogged.

Some Symptoms of Excess Toxins in the Body
If you don't assist these toxins in moving out of the body, you can become prone to flu, colds and cough, or allergies. You might even feel fatigued, sluggish or drowsy after lunch; or lose your appetite.

Sharp headaches, dizziness, mild tremors in the limbs, and unexplained muscle aches, especially in the calf, can also be symptoms. Your tongue may be coated, and your throat may be sore.

The skin can be less radiant, heavier, and oilier. You may also find that you break out more often; you are more prone to sunburn, and have dry patches on your skin.

Yet, Spring is the best season for detoxification, because nature is already trying to clear out the toxins. It's the time to help the body to detoxify efficiently.

Helping Your Body Detoxify
How do you help the body with its own spring cleaning?  Alta Care Laboratoires – Paris has recently launched Altadrine Lipodrainer Syrup a sugar-free detoxifying supplement.  Besides having a detoxifying effect, Altadrine Lipodrainer Syrup is also a slimming and  tanning supplement.  Altadrine Lipodrainer Syrup contains extracts which stimulate the production of the body’s natural pigment, Melanin.

Altadrine Lipodrainer Syrup contains the phyto-extract ‘Fucus Vesiculosus’ which is a good promoter of glandular health. It controls the thyroid and regulates the metabolism that helps digest food. It has the reputation of speeding up the burning process of excess calories by controlling the body’s metabolic rate and is helpful in the nourishment of the body with its ability to stimulate the metabolism.

‘Metacolin’ which is extracted from green tea, is rich in caffeine and catecolin, and studies show that it stimulates the conversion of fat into energy by thermogenisis and oxidation of the fat. It has also been shown that Green Tea  mildly lowers total cholesterol levels and improves the cholesterol profile.

‘Synephrine’ which is extracted from ‘Citrus Aurantium’ is a related cousin of ephedrine. It is safe because it does not cross the blood brain barrier. Synephrine provides the same fat burning and muscle sparing as ephedrine but without any stimulant like side effects.

Altadrine Lipodrainer Syrup, a supplement with cleaning, draining and anti-bloating properties, is vital to improve the drainage of fats and to decrease the bloating effect often caused by water retention. In turn this would help in eliminating cellulite and the ‘outer appearance’ of the orange peel skin. ‘Red Vine’ extract is one of the extracts which gives an antioxidant effect and also strengthens and stabilizes the collagen of tissues and capillaries.

Alta Care Laboratoires – Paris, does not dilute syrups with water; thus the active ingredients are masked in a pleasant flavour and that gives effective results.  10mL of Altadrine Lipodrainer should be administered 1-3 times daily everyday.

Altadrine Lipodrainer syrup can be purchased in 200ml or 500ml bottles and is available in all pharmacies.

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