Mothers, educators and child carers are all very much aware of childhood obesity, a global problem that is increasing at an alarming rate. Globally, in 2010, the number of overweight children under the age of five, is estimated to have been over 42 million.

Now while obese adults very often resort to all kinds of fat blockers, tablets, syrups, gels etc. to tackle their condition, this is not possible in the case of children, for such ‘medicines’ and dietary supplements will cause further harm to them if taken at a tender age. Such dietary products should in fact be out of reach for children.

Being very much aware of this dilemma, Alta Care Laboratoires has just added a new product to its Altadrine range, a product which is not at all harmful for children; on the contrary it is ideal for obese, or rather overweight, children. This is the ALTADRINE FAT AND CARB BLOCKER sachets that block fats and carbohydrates. ALTADRINE FAT AND CARB BLOCKER helps weight control by inhibiting carbohydrate break down and by inhibiting fat absorption.

The fundamental causes behind the rising levels of childhood obesity are a shift in diet towards increased intake of energy-dense foods that are high in fat and sugars but low in vitamins, minerals, fibres and other healthy micronutrients. A trend towards decreased levels of physical activity has also been noted. 

ALTADRINE FAT AND CARB BLOCKER is a drink with an orange flavour that is bound to please children and could easily replace the normal popular drinks on the market which are unfortunately so high in sugars.

The Altadrine drink is sugarless and rich in fibre. Its main ingredients are:
•    psyllium - a dietary fibre that absorbs excess water while stimulating normal bowel elimination; a fat blocker
•    chromium picolinate - that attenuates weight gain and controls insulin levels.
•    white kidney bean -  a carbohydrate blocker. The white kidney bean extract does not allow carbohydrate break down because it inhibits the enzyme amylase which is responsible for breakdown of carbohydrates into glucose.
Preparing the Altadrine drink is very simple. Just mix 1 sachet with a glass of water. As the orange drink becomes an orange fibre gel after mixing, it has to be drunk immediately, for the more time passes, the thicker the gel becomes. The Altadrine drink will become a fibre gel in the gastro intestinal tract. It is recommended to take one sachet during high carb and fatty meals.

•    emotional and psychological problems;
•    diabetes;
•    high blood pressure;
•     heart disease;
•    sleep problems;
•    cancer,
•    other disorders such as liver disease, early puberty, eating disorders, anorexia, bulimia, skin infections, asthma, respiratory problems;
•    obese child likely to grow up to be overweight adult;
•    teasing by peers;
•    harassment or discrimination;
•     low self-esteem and depression;
•     premature aging of carotid arteries;
•    abnormal levels of cholesterol.

•    Reduce availability of less healthy foods and sugar drinks;
•    Increase drinking water and decrease drinks with sugar, salt and fat;
•     physical activity;
•    limit time of tv watching;
•    plenty of fruit and vegetables;
•    healthier family meals.

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