That exposure to the sun's UVA rays is a serious threat of skin cancer no one can still deny. Statistics have shown that, for example, one out of every five Americans will develop some form of skin cancer during their lifetime. Moreover, having sunburns over any period of time will double your chance of skin cancer,  and getting sunburnt during your childhood will double the chances of melanoma in your lifetime. Yet these scary cancer statistics can be rectified if people take time to protect themselves from the ultra violet rays of the sun.


Alta Care Laboratoires’ DERMASTIR CAVIAR SUN PROTECTION SPF50+ is a fluid sun protecting cream with multiple properties and prolonged sun protection. Dermastir Sun Protection prevents and delays wrinkle formation and it is a must for skins that are prone to pigmentation. Caviar has been added to nourish the skin and to help it regain the nutrients that it needs during sun exposure. The cream’s sun protection factors and its ingredients remain intact even after opening the packaging. Since every time the pump is pressed it is a new opening Dermastir packaging makes use of vacuum airless technology - unlike other competing sun protections that are usually presented in tubes.


The vacuum airless technology of DERMASTIR CAVIAR Sun Protection SPF50+ protects the sun protection filters from oxidation, heat and contamination; in other words it protects the ingredients from heat, light, oxygen and micro organisms. Moreover the packaging provides only the desired amount of cream for use, while the remaining cream is kept protected from the above mentioned harming factors. When purchasing your next Sun Protector remember that a cream cannot fully protect your skin if its very UV filters are themselves damaged by the sun’s rays before reaching your skin.


So the next time you are out in the sum make it a point to:

·         avoid the ultraviolet rays when they are at their strongest, that is from ten in the morning to four in the afternoon;

·         wear an appropriate hat or cap and clothing that obstructs the rays’ path to your skin;

·         wear large sunglasses that protect your eyes from UV rays;

·         apply DERMASTIR CAVIAR SUN PROTECTION SPF50+ to your skin before going to the beach, or even just for a stroll in the sun. Make sure to cover all exposed areas including ears, lips and nose.


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