Stress is often related to external factors like the physical environment, including our job, our relationships with others, our home, and whatever we are confronted with in life - challenges, difficulties, expectations, etc. Stress affects our muscles and joints, our heart, our stomach, our intestines, our reproductive system and most important of all our brain and nerves.

NEURALTA BRAIN POWER liquid capsules of Alta Care Laboratoires strengthens our nervous system that tends to weaken, not only with age, but also when we are under stress.  Neuralta Brain Power contains Phosphatidylcholine (PC) and phosphatidylserine (PS), phospholipids located within the inner leaflet of the cell membrane. PS and PC are implicated in a myriad of membrane-related functions. PS is essential for the functioning of all body cells and is very much needed in the brain especially when we are under physical and mental stress. Clinical studies have shown the following PS benefits:

• Improves age-related nerve endings and dendrite damage. 

• Improves cognitive performance

• Improves mood

• Improves learning abilities and memory

• has neuroprotective and antioxidative properties especially when taking medicines and drugs that act on the brain eg. anti-depressants, sleeping pills, strong pain killers, psychotropics, illicit drugs etc.

Common physical symptoms often reported by those experiencing excess stress include: 

• sleep disturbances, 

• muscle tension and muscle aches,

• headache, 

• gastrointestinal disturbances, 

• fatigue. 

• Emotional and behavioural symptoms that can accompany excess stress include: nervousness, 

• anxiety, 

• changes in eating habits including overeating, 

• loss of enthusiasm or energy,

• mood changes, like irritability and depression. 

Alta Care Laboratoires’s Neuralta Liquid Capsules is  a product to improve the well-being of the nervous system and re-establish the equilibrium during and after physical and mental stress. 

NEURALTA BRAIN POWER is available from all pharmacies. For further information phone visit web-site




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