Alta Care Laboratoires feels that you deserve to look beautiful and feel great both when you are young as well as right into old age. ALTADRINE FAT BURNER CRYOGEL has been produced to try and help you look beautiful and young forever. ALTADRINE CRYOGEL is just one of a range of Alta Care products aimed at tackling what is causing havoc to your beauty, namely:
•    Cellulite
•    Water-Retention 
•    Bad Circulation

Altadrine Fat Burner Cryogel treats the problems of cellulite and water-retention by burning the fat and activating your microcirculation. It is a 2 in 1 treatment, for its extracts enhance microcirculation, diminish the circumference of cellulite areas -  thigh, arms, abdomen, and buttocks - and cut out muscles. Thus imperfections caused by cellulite are visibly reduced and your silhouette will be significantly refined. Moreover, the anti-cellulite activator of ALTADRINE CRYOGEL - pure caffeine + citrus aurantium - enhances the burning and destocking of fat deposits. This cutting gel, when applied, has a cold effect and sensation that is felt immediately and lasts for quite a long time when compared to other cutting gels. It is thus also very good value for money.

The active formula of Altadrine Cryogel is made up of:
•    Citrus aurantium that converts fat into energy;
•    Caffeine  that converts fat into energy;
•    Aesculus hippocastanum that strengthens veins and capillaries;
•    Stem cells that stimulate the secretion of the protein that burns and destocks fat.

Alta Care Laboratoires reminds you also to:
•    Revise your diet; focus on whole grains, fresh fruit, and vegetables;
•    Exercise regularly; this will allow you to burn fat and increase your muscle tone, and to widen your circulatory pipes bringing more "clean" or nutrient-rich blood to our skin and taking away waste products, which preserves your elasticity.
•    Don't forget to deep breathe to help you relax and increase blood and lymphatic fluid circulation.
•    Reduce stress.

Application of ALTADRINE FAT BURNER CRYOGEL is very simple. Massage the interested zone until complete absorption of the product. The cold sensation felt in the treated areas is due to the cryogenic action of the gel that enhances the absorption of the ingredients. A continuous use will help one to obtain significant results within 3-4 weeks, depending on the extent of the aesthetic imperfection and one’s personal reaction to the product.




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