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Sleeping pills can and do become addictive.  Long-term regular (nightly) use of sleeping pills can lead to psychological dependency.  In addition, your body also develops a tolerance after the first couple of weeks.  Also, another point that most people are unaware of, is that the pills usually contain an antihistamine, as in most sinus medications, and this will make your nose, mouth and eyes dry.
Another drawback is that sleep medication will stay in your blood stream, so you may not feel very "refreshed" the following morning. It can give you a hangover effect.   These drugs also carry a potential for abuse, which on increasing the dose can lead to unconsciousness, surgical anesthesia and at excessive doses, coma and ultimately death.
So before deciding that sleeping pills are the answer to your sleepless nights, think again.  Clearly, the disadvantages outweigh the benefits.  Firstly, after a couple of weeks your body will get used to the sleeping pills and will develop a tolerance to them, therefore they will not become of no use at all.  They can also become addictive; increasing the dosage due to addictiveness or  tolerance one will begin to ignore the dangerous risks . Moreover, the short term effects of sleeping pills, which one will go through everyday, are quite unpleasant: hangover effect the next morning, dry eyes, mouth and nose. 
There are other alternatives one can try – natural herb remedies.  Herbal remedies are non-addictive.  There is also no risk of tolerance involved.
Alta Care Laboratoires – Paris has launched the Controller Range on the market, a range designed specifically to aid at promoting a refreshing night’s sleep, helping you wake up refreshed and ready for your daily challenges.  Continuous use of the Controller Range does not result in addictiveness or tolerance.  In fact, as opposed to sleeping pills,   continuous use of the Controller Range helps the body to naturally regulate sleep patterns. 
The Controller Range is also an ideal remedy not just for insomniacs, but also for light sleepers, for those people who do not manage to have one long sleep, but wake up regularly during the night or also take a long time to actually get to sleep.
The Controller Range is also beneficial for those who suffer from anxiety, have different work routines that disrupt their sleep pattern, or drink a lot of caffeine products. An important factor to appreciate in the Controller range is that one achieves higher and longer lasting energy levels during the day. Controller reduces anxiety and stress, whilst enhancing concentration and focus. The Controller products regenerate physical and mental capacity and help at maintaining a strong, healthy immune system. Furthermore, they boost mental oxygen intake and delivery, plus support the natural nocturnal release of hormones and endorphins.
Controller Natural Sleep Syrup contains extracts of Hypericum, which is used to treat insomnia; it fights tiredness and exhaustion and enhances mental capacities.  Also found in Controller Syrup is the extract Tilia Cordata, which aids and promotes better quality sleep.  Another two extracts: Melissa Officinalis and Valeriana Officinalis are used as mild sedatives, and when used together are effective in improving quality of sleep.  Controller Natural Sleep Syrup also contains Chamomile, which is widely used for its relaxing and sedating properties.
Alta Care Laboratoires – Paris, does not dilute the syrups with water, thus the active ingredients are stronger, thus giving better and effective results.  The rich ingredients of Controller Natural Sleep Syrup are diluted in sugar-free honey and Pineapple juice, guaranteeing an excellent taste!
Controller Syrup is to be taken one teaspoon at night, before going to bed, for a minimum of one month.
Controller Natural Sleep Ampoules are made up of high quality ‘fresh’ natural ingredients.  Extracts within ampoules do not undergo  manufacturing processes (like drying, compressing, etc), as in the case of capsules and tablets. Consequently the extracts within ampoules do not  lose  their potential activity.
Controller Natural Sleep Ampoules contain extracts of HTML, which promote better quality sleep, and facilitate one’s falling to sleep.
Controller Ampoules are to be administered at night, before going to bed, one ampoule every night.
Controller Soup contains Marjoram, a phyto-extract known for its sedating and relaxing properties.  Infusions of Chamomile have been also used because they help in the treatment of restlessness and in mild cases of insomnia due to nervous disorders. Passiflora and Basil were incorporated to promote sleep.
Apart from being very economical, Controller Soup contains no artificial additives, agents or taste enhancers, but only vegetables that are all organic with a very high content of minerals and active substances. Moreover, no preservatives are needed as it is conserved in a 300g decompressed tin.  Controller Soup is gluten free and high in fibre as the vegetables are in a fibre base. It is extremely fast and easy to prepare as it only takes blending five teaspoons of this unique instant mix in a bowl, with 40cl of boiling water.
The Controller Range, by Alta Care Laboratoires – Paris gives marvellous results, helping one to have a refreshing night’s sleep and a recharged feeling in the morning.




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