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Success comes not only from what we accomplish when we are awake, but also from the ability of our body and mind to consolidate during the night. Alta Care considers ways how not to deprive shut-eyes! 
Sleep is vitally important for physical, emotional and mental well being. That is why we spend approximately 30% of our lives sleeping, or trying to sleep. Pharmacists have problems with patients suffering from sleeping disorders since it is difficult to find over-the-counter products to treat these conditions. Doctors also have similar difficulties as most products cause a lot of side effects, dependence and interactions. However there are now natural products containing phyto-extracts that give good therapeutic results without causing interactions with other medications, nor side-effects if taken at the recommended dose.
ALTACARE Laboratoires – Paris has launched on the market the Controller range of soups, patches and ampoules to aid at promoting a peaceful night’s sleep and, what’s excellent is, that they are all 100% natural!
The Controller Sommeil Ampoules are at the top of the range for they are made up of high quality ‘fresh’ natural ingredients. Yes, that’s right, fresh! In ampoules, unlike tablets and capsules, there is no drying, processing, compressing and adding of preservatives. Thus, apart from being fast acting, they are non-addictive and give marvellous results, especially for a fresh and recharged feeling in the morning.
The Controller Soup contains Marjoram, a phyto-extract known not only for its sedating and relaxing properties but also for its effect on muscular and arthritic pain, as well as being a neurotonic. Infusions of Chamomile have been also used because they help in the treatment of restlessness and in mild cases of insomnia caused by nervous disorders. Passiflora and Basil were approved and incorporated to treat nervousness, agitation and to promote sleep. Other favourable natural ingredients are found in the Controller Patches. These include St. John’s Wort, a phyto-extract with anti-depressive properties, proven to be as effective as other anti-depressants, as well as the Kava Kava and Passiflora- extracts,  relaxants with no sedating side-effects. The Controller Patches also contain Hawthorn extracts that are bioflavonoids and antioxidants that help improve micro-circulation.
Many often complain that sleepiness interferes with their concentration and makes handling day to day responsibilities more difficult. For many, this problem can be related to insufficient sleep. That can mean poor quality of sleep, even if you get enough hours of it. Not having the right dose of rest at night explains some daytime symptoms of sleepiness, such as early morning headaches, depression, irritability, lack of sexual drive and difficulties with learning and concentration. Conversely, disrupted sleep patterns can lead to persistent insomnia, exhaustion, lethargy, drowsiness, anxiety, stress, listlessness and sluggishness. Furthermore, it can weaken the immune system and diminish the capacity of your memory.
Any problem linked to sleeping is considered to be a sleeping disorder. This would include difficulty falling or staying asleep, falling asleep during inappropriate hours, oversleeping, or abnormal behaviours associated with sleep. Unfortunately many of us, blindly, spend lots of money on the wrong over-the-counter sleeping aids or stimulants to stay awake during the day.
The consumption of long-acting or high-dose sedatives to aid sleep can increase daytime drowsiness over time, making the problem worse, not better. This counts for the use of antihistamines (main ingredient in over-the-counter sleeping pills) against insomnia, as these can also lead to similar difficulties. Prescribing powerful tranquilizers frequently provokes immunity to the drug rather then promoting a natural, restful sleep. As a result, one may become more dependent on the drug with the result that one may conclude that more of the drug is needed. Thus, frequent use of the medication would eventually increase the side-effects and tolerance level. A common result when discontinuing the tranquilizer is a rebound worsening effect of insomnia.
The Controller range by ALTACARE Laboratoires – Paris is an exceptional natural alternative that promotes numerous benefits, especially for those with problems of falling asleep and those taking naps during the day, or happen to be light sleepers. The Controller range is also beneficial for those who suffer from anxiety, have different work routines that disrupt their sleep pattern, or drink a lot of caffeine products. An important factor to appreciate in the Controller range is that one achieves higher and longer lasting energy levels during the day. Controller reduces anxiety and stress, whilst enhancing concentration and focus. The Controller products regenerate physical and mental capacity and help at maintaining a strong, healthy immune system. Furthermore, they boost mental oxygen intake and delivery, plus support the natural nocturnal release of hormones and endorphins. One cannot miss mentioning the promotion Controller grants to anti-aging and longevity.
When making use of the ALTACARE Laboratoires – Paris products, apart from their efficacy, one will value also the luxury in their presentation and quality. The Controller Sommeil come in a set of glass ampoules containing a very pleasant tasting preparation. One of these taken pure or diluted in water or juice before going to bed will help you fall asleep and maintain a high-quality, refreshing rest.
 Apart from being very economical, Controller Soup contains no artificial additives, agents or taste enhancers, but only vegetables that are all organic with a very high content of minerals and active substances. Moreover, no preservatives are needed as it is conserved in a 300g decompressed tin! The Controller Soup is gluten free and high in fibre as the vegetables are in a fibre base. It is extremely fast and easy to prepare as it only takes blending five teaspoons of this unique instant mix in a bowl, with 40cl of boiling water and there you have it!
Also outstanding is gettin same benefits of the Controller Soup and Ampoules by just slapping a Controller Patch onto the skin like a sticking plaster! One to two of these patches applied preferably on the shoulder, will give a rapid onset of action because of this innovative type of delivery system.
Sacrifice sleep and you sacrifice peak performance. Coffee can keep you going for a while. But nothing can compensate for sleep. Your body needs it and your brain needs it. Making up for lost sleep feels a luxury. So even though you cannot replace lost sleep all at once, getting stocked up with your choice of natural but luxurious sleeping supplements, such as those offered by ALTACARE Laboratoires – Paris, will surely make you feel invigorated….Sweet dreams!




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