A vast selection of slimming products is available, however most of these products do not form part of a range which is vital for a successful slimming treatment.  Alta Care Laboratoires – Paris, boasts of a unique intensive slimming range – ALTADRINE, made up of slimming products that work both from the inside to the outside and from the outside to the inside, guaranteeing excellent outcomes.

A lot of anti-cellulite creams efficacy is often questioned because one does not see them work when applied. Thermic creams are increasing in demand because one can feel them and see them work!

The most innovative products in the market are the thermic creams with red pepper extracts – creams which when applied one can actually feel and see them working!  ALTA CARE Laboratoires – Paris, has just launched an innovative anti-cellulite cream – ALTADRINE Thermic Cream - the Red Pepper extract and the methyl nicotinate combination in Altadrine Thermic Cream causes a redness and burning sensation while actively working on the cellulite and burning the fat away!

Altadrine Thermic cream also contains Citrus Amara extract, Garcinia Cambodgia and Aesculus Hyppocastanum (Horse Chestnut) that work on the cellulite in synergy to the thermic action; Altadrine Thermic Cream is highly recommended for people who want to decrease the ‘orange peel’ effect and have a more refined silhouette.

Citrus Amara extract is pure in it’s body fat burning properties.  Garcinia Cambodgia and Aesculus Hyppocastanum (Horse Chestnut) extracts burn fat by thermogenesis.  Another body fat burner is Capiscum extract, better known as Red Pepper extract.

Altadrine Thermic Cream is to be applied twice a day (morning and evening) on the affected areas; in circular massages, for a minimum of one month.  Altadrine Thermic Cream has a unique non-greasy and warm cream texture which is quickly absorbed, allowing one to get dressed immediately - idea for those late morning wake ups!

When it comes to weight loss unfortunately each and every one of us has a particular ‘problem area’ which is difficult to treat; so in such cases it is ideal to treat locally.

Altadrine Slimming Patches, containing Citrus Aurantium, a pure body fat burner which can be used in combination with Altadrine Thermic Cream to act specifically on these ‘problem areas’ with a prolonged release of 24-36 hours. Altadrine Slimming Patches are hypo-allergenic, waterproof, skin colour and highly discreet.  Altadrine Slimming Patches are applied to the affected areas once daily, everyday if intensive therapy is needed, or once daily on alternate days for prevention.

Since intensive action is needed for effective weight loss, Alta Care Laboratoires – Paris, has ensured the highest efficacy possible by manufacturing body fat burners in ampoule form.  Since the extracts in Altadrine Day and Night Burner Ampoules are fresh and have not undergone a manufacturing process(i.e. drying, mixing compressing etc), the extracts remain unaltered and are highly active; as opposed to a tablet where the chemical structure of the extracts have been slightly altered due to manufacturing procedures such as drying, mixing, compressing and adding preservatives. The pharmacokinetics of an ampoule are better than those of a tablet; so the active ingredient is liberated faster and more effectively. 

Altadrine Day Burner is taken once daily mainly to promote fat burning, draining and detoxifying but it also has tanning supplements.  One ampoule of Altadrine Night Burner before one goes to sleep reduces bloating, promotes fat burning – working on cellulite, and also helps one get a refreshing sleep.  It is highly recommended to administer Altadrine Ampoules in a pulse therapy course:  10 consecutive days with Altadrine Day Burner, and alternating with Altadrine Night Burner.

Often, when it comes to weight loss, some people lose some of their radiance and healthy colour and start to look pallid.

Altadrine Lipodrainer is a sugar-free slimming and tanning supplement containing extracts Lycopene and Beta Carotene which stimulate the production of the body’s natural pigment, Melanin.  Altadrine Lipodrainer detoxifies and drains, thus cleaning the body from the inside and preparing the body for slimming.  Altadrine Lipodrainer is also effective in decreasing cellulite.  Alta Care Laboratoires – Paris, does not dilute syrups with water; thus the active ingredients are stronger and therefore give better effective results.  10mL of Altadrine Lipodrainer should be administered 3 times daily everyday.

When it comes to losing weight, it’s not how fast you lose it, but how you lose it.  Altadrine Soup - also part of the Altadrine Range - ensures that when one is losing weight the hormone, peptides and serotonin levels are well regulated. Decrease in peptides (e.g. leptin and CYK) and serotonin result in a decrease of calorie expenditure, hunger increase and anxiety and nervousness.  Altadrine Soup comes in a 300g airtight tin; no additives, colouring agents or taste enhancers have been added.  Altadrine Soup contains 100% organic vegetables cultivated in France, with a very high content of minerals and active substances, in a fibre base.  Altadrine Soup is very fast and easy to prepare – simply mix 5 teaspoons in 400ml of boiling water and since the soup tastes neutral one can spice it to his heart’s desires (salt, curry etc.).  With Altadrine Soup the more you eat the more you burn!





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