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Vaginal douche rinsing has often been questioned due to the high risk of catching vaginal infections; however this can be prevented by using a sterile vaginal douche. 
The importance of using a sterile applicator when vaginal douching cannot be stressed enough.  Applying vaginal douche with a non-sterile applicator is just like using a used syringe or a syringe which is not packaged and is just as hazardous.  When a vaginal douche has a non-sterile applicator, the applicator is exposed to numerous germs and bacteria, which are then transferred into your vagina.  So if you want to prevent catching unnecessary infections always use a sterile vaginal douche.
Ellegyn Vaginal Douche, by Alta Care Laboratoires – Paris is a unique device containing natural ingredients in a patented soft and delicate base and is advised to help prevent vaginal dryness, vaginal mixed infections and vaginitis.
The applicator of Ellegyn Vaginal Douche is 100% sterile, having no contact whatsoever with the external environment. 
Ellegyn Vaginal Douche contains Glycyrrhetinic Acid to keep the vaginal ph low. Glycyrrhetinic Acid is used because although being an acid, it has the same properties of glycerin i.e. smooth and gentle unlike other acids that cause irritation.
Citrus Grandis is also added to the Ellegyn Vaginal Douche formulation as it acts as an antiseptic.
Ellegyn Vaginal Douche also contains Allantoin, an active ingredient which is highly moisturising.
So how does Ellegyn Vaginal Douche work?
Ellegyn Vaginal Douche has Chitosan, a fibre that forms a net on the vaginal lining when applied. This Chitosan net makes it possible for the active ingredients found in Ellegyn Vaginal Douche to adhere themselves for a longer period of time to the vaginal lining. This promotes better moisturising in cases of vaginal dryness, better antiseptic properties and evenly distribution of the vaginal flora on the vaginal lining especially after an infection.
Ellegyn Vaginal Douche is also iodine-free, so there is no risk of staining, unlike iodine-based vaginal douches.
The applicator used in Ellegyn Vaginal Douche is patented because it guarantees that the douche does not open in the box and because when applying the douche it does not drip on the users hands.
Ellegyn Vaginal Douche has been clinically tested and is safe to use in pregnancy and there is no risk of hypersensitivity.
Shake the flask prior to use and apply Ellegyn Vaginal Douche using the applicator in the vagina 1 to 2 times daily, or on alternate days, until symptoms disappear, or as directed by your doctor or pharmacist.
The Ellegyn Range also includes the Ellegyn Vaginal Ovules, containing Lactobacillus Plantarum, indicated for prevention and treatment of mixed vaginal infections.  Ellegyn Vaginal Ovules are based on the same idea as the ‘tampon in yoghurt’, popular a while ago with gynaes.  However Ellegyn Vaginal Ovules are more innovative and have more advantages.  Each ovule contains more than 10 billion bacteria, of only one specific type, Lactobacillus Plantarum, whereas yoghurt contains a few thousands of different types of bacteria.  The good bacteria used in Ellegyn Vaginal Ovules are highly adhesive. The bacteria found in the yoghurt are not as adhesive.  Ellegyn Vaginal Ovules are oil based, unlike yoghurt (water based), and so promote a longer shelf life.
Lactobacillus Plantarum, the good bacteria found in Ellegyn Ovules, is highly adhesive and sticks to the vaginal lining. The bad bacteria are flushed out by means of competitive inhibition and the good flora is therefore replaced.
For prevention insert one ovule at night, for 3 consecutive nights, and for treatment, insert one ovule at night for 6 consecutive nights.
Ellegyn Patches also form a part of the Ellegyn Range.  Ellegyn Patches are transdermal patches to help regulate hormones in all women.
Ellegyn Patches are discreet, waterproof and hypoallergenic.
Just stick one patch per day on the lower back or lower abdomen on alternating months.




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