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In the past gynaecologists used to advise their women patients to dip a tampon into yoghurt to restore the good flora in the vagina. Although this used to give good therapeutic results, lactobacilli found in yoghurt are not very adherent to the vaginal mucosa, apart from this being a very messy treatment.
What are lactobacilli (good bacteria)? In the human body there are many beneficial organisms. Most of these are to be found in the intestine where they remain for a long time after being introduced. Certain sources of Lactobacilli, such as fermented foods found on the market are unreliable since the lactic acid and hydrogen peroxide, which Lactobacilli produce naturally, can kill what actually produced them if their concentration becomes excessive.
Lactobacilli are killed by heat, moisture and sunlight. In fact when tablets are being manufactured the heat generated reduces their number. Lactobacilli should thus be freeze-dried, in powder or capsule form, in opaque moisture-proof containers, and stored in a refrigerator as in the case of the brand, Altaflora Enterobacilli. They are meant to be consumed with meals. The growth characteristics of lactobacilli lead it to develop well in the intestines. However they also grow well in the vagina and urethra where they work as prevention to pathogenic bacteria (bad bacteria, fungi viruses and protozoa). Many contraceptive creams contain certain vaginal spermicidal that eliminate lactobacilli. This would give the possibility to bacteria, protozoa or viruses to be more accessible and therefore cause infections and inflammations.
Factors that may lead to vaginal infections due to alteration of vaginal flora include certain medication such as chemotherapy or antibiotics, menopause, chronic illness, stress, pregnancy, ageing, bad hygiene/too much hygiene, chlorine pools, inappropriate diets and clothing that does not breathe, thus keeping in body heat and moisture.
There are various types of Lactobacilli, but not all are successfully effective in the prevention of pathogens. For high efficacy, the bacteria must be highly adhesive, as in the case of Lactobacilli Plantarum. In simpler terms, the bacteria found in yoghurt are not adhesive, thus increasing the possibility for pathogens to settle.
Therefore, taking lactobacilli by inserting lactobacillus ovules into the vagina would be highly beneficial especially to fend off these sorts of mentioned infections.
To assist you choose the right product containing lactobacilli, it is recommended to ask your pharmacist or doctor for Ellegyn Vaginal Ovules by Alta Care Laboratoires-Paris. Ellegyn contains more than ten billion good bacteria per ovule, of only one type, lactobacillus plantarum. These have been studied and patented to be the most adhesive to the vaginal lining by the Institute Pasteur de Paris (where vaccines originated from). Lactobacillus plantarum found in Ellegyn Vaginal Ovules, implants and sticks itself on the vaginal lining and flushes out pathogens (bad bacteria & viruses) by means of competitive inhibition. Studies show that over 90% of vaginal infections are most commonly mixed. Ellegyn prevents and treats all infections effectively, avoiding the chance of a relapse. Ecocillin can also be combined to itraconazole capsules in cases of mixed fungal infections.
Ellegyn Vaginal Ovules are also indicated for vaginal dryness. Alta Care Laboratoires - Paris has designed these ovules to be oil based and soft, thus they do not fragment, leading to irritation.  No applicator is necessary for insertion. To use as prevention for infections or vaginal dryness, one Ellegyn Vaginal Ovule should be applied at night for three consecutive nights. As for treatment of already present infection, one Ellegyn Vaginal ovule must be inserted at night, repeatedly for six nights. The ovules can be bought over the counter since no side effects have been reported when taken at the recommended dosage. 




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